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New survey on opportunities in plant-based sector

Plant-based cheese, ready meals, seafood, and alternatives to eggs are among the biggest opportunities in the plant-based sector, a major new survey by ProVeg International of 6,221 consumers has found. The survey was..

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Food and online sales are growing rapidly

17 October 2018

According to Statistics Netherlands, retail turnover in August 2018 was 3.4 percent higher than in August 2017. The sales volume grew by 3.2 percent. Both the food sector and the non-food sector achieved higher turnover....

Marketing report for the butcher industry 2018

12 October 2018 has conducted an extensive survey among butchers in the Netherlands. The research results have been published in the Marketing Report for the butcher industry 2018, published 12 October 2018. The Marke...

Nadia Menkveld: 'Food is politics'

09 October 2018

What are the effects of the growing populism in Italy on our fishing industry? And how does a decision made in the Kremlin affect a Dutch foodstuffs packaging company? These questions are part of the work territory of Na...

Dutch people eat healthier without noticing it

09 October 2018

Every year - in the National Agreement to Improve Product Composition - agreements are made between the food and beverage industry and the supermarkets about the reduction of sugars, salt, and saturated fats. A recent ov...

Vijf supermarkttrends voor 2018

11 December 2017

De internationale supermarktonderzoeksorganisatie IGD ziet vijf trends die de foodretailmarkt zullen bepalen in 2018. 1. Private label gaat premium Supermarktorganisaties zetten steeds steviger in op hun aanbod pri...

Verdienkracht & vooruitgang

11 October 2016

‘Met Smart Industry is binnen vier jaar een extra economische groei van 1% mogelijk. In het MKB kunnen honderdduizenden nieuwe banen worden gecreëerd.’ Dat voorspelt FME (de ondernemersorganisatie voor de technologische ...

Ronald Visschers on: the food of the future

10 March 2015

Sustainability issues, critical consumers and dynamic markets call for food-industry innovations. Manufacturers want to be able to take new or improved products to market faster and more efficiently. Ronald Visschers, Pr...