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New proteins, what are they worth?

Proteins: we cannot do without them. But how well are new proteins capable of covering our nutritional needs, and what about when they have undergone all kinds of processing? Protein is an essential macronutrient in o..

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Start of Belgian innovation project Q-DNA

09 July 2020

The control and monitoring of food safety is once again at the top of the agenda of Belgian food companies more than ever. Q-DNA, a new innovation project in collaboration with UGent, Flanders' FOOD, (Wagralim), Fevia an...

Collaboration HEMA Bakeries and Lavans tastes good

08 July 2020

HEMA has a name to uphold as a bakery. With a focus on food safety and quality, partners are closely involved. Such as Lavans, which fully supports this and has recently concluded a new five-year partnership for comforta...

The Netherlands after corona in four scenarios

08 July 2020

The coronary pandemic has enormous economic and social consequences. The speed and scale at which the pandemic has taken hold raises the question of how to deal with such risks in the future and, above all, who will have...

Economic revival in June

07 July 2020

On May 11th, part of the lockdown measures were eased. Although some spending categories benefited from this, it was concluded that the revival was not spectacular. The measures were further softened on 1 June, which eve...

New collaboration with large cheese manufacturers

06 July 2020

Collaboration Vergeer Holland & Friesland Campina with Gouda Cheese Experience officially launched. In the presence of both the 2nd and 3rd generation Vergeer, the official cooperation agreement between Vergeer Holla...

ABN AMRO: Attention to brexit remains important

06 July 2020

The attention of the Dutch entrepreneur for the brexit slackens, observes VNO-NCW in De Financiële Telegraaf. Of the companies that have a trading relationship with the United Kingdom (UK), 60 percent are preparing for a...

Less food waste during corona crisis

03 July 2020

A quarter of the households in the Netherlands said they wasted less food during the COVID-19 crisis than before. An online survey of 1,500 consumers, conducted by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and the Dutch Nu...

Ambition increase Sustainable Fruit & Vegetables Barometer

03 July 2020

With the independent quality mark 'Barometer Sustainable Fruit & Vegetables', wholesalers can demonstrate that they are doing business in a more sustainable way. Criteria are sustainable business operations and the p...

New offensive against packaging waste

03 July 2020

State Secretary Van Veldhoven of Infrastructure and Water Management, together with producers, is launching a new offensive against packaging waste. She wrote this to the House of Representatives on Thursday 2 July. The ...

Marjolein Brasz: new Managing Director Foodvalley NL

03 July 2020

The Netherlands is incredibly well positioned to play an important role in the global transition to a sustainable food system. We have ample experience and knowledge, and an excellent reputation. As we are used to collab...

TU/e and Marel work together in new AI lab

02 July 2020

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has set up a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab together with four industrial partners, including Marel. The aim of this lab is to improve decision-making in production and mai...

Smart Food Alliance: Ten-point plan food system

02 July 2020

Sustainable and healthy food at a fair price is within reach, this is what the Smart Food Alliance states in their 10-point plan. Smart Food Alliance: "Our members are committed to making our food system future-proof. Th...

Growth food sector limits shrink logistics sector

02 July 2020

In the first half of 2020, approximately one million m² of logistics real estate was leased or pre-let. This is a decrease of 17% compared to the same period in 2019. This decline is limited, mainly due to strong growth ...

Fiscal incentives for a healthier food system

01 July 2020

Firm price incentives are necessary to make the population more vital and resilient, according to the Transition Coalition Food. The coalition wants healthy food to become cheaper while highly processed and industrially ...

Main Industry moves to spring 2021

30 June 2020

Due to the coronavirus, a lot has changed in recent months. For example, all events at the beginning of March were cancelled and suspended at least until 1 September due to government measures. In the meantime, quite a f...