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The Netherlands after corona in four scenarios

The coronary pandemic has enormous economic and social consequences. The speed and scale at which the pandemic has taken hold raises the question of how to deal with such risks in the future and, above all, who will have..

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Albert Heijn does online trial with food choice logo Nutri-Score

14 May 2020

Albert Heijn is starting a new trial today with the food choice logo Nutri-Score. For six weeks, the supermarket chain will place the logo on the website for approximately 2,000 products. The aim is to see whether custom...

‘Too much focus on food safety’

12 May 2020

Improving food quality means finding a good balance between food safety and quality, argues Tiny van Boekel, emeritus professor of Product Design & Quality Management, and his co-authors in an opinion piece published...

Fifty percent of companies fear for survival due to corona crisis

12 May 2020

Nearly half of the entrepreneurs in the Dutch non-financial business sector expect their company's survival to be jeopardised if the corona crisis continues for more than six months. If the corona crisis lasts longer tha...

Help with staff issues: MKB Ondernemersloket

12 May 2020

Since the outbreak of the corona crisis, the world of many entrepreneurs has been turned upside down. A new and unfamiliar situation arises, which they never had to think about beforehand. This poses many challenges. For...

GfK: 95% buys organic

12 May 2020

More households (95.1%) bought organic products in 2019, according to new GfK research (2020) commissioned by Bionext. In particular, the group of consumers who choose organic from time to time is increasingly buying an ...

Key challenges post-COVID food systems

12 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has a large and decisive impact on public health, and generates major consequences for social relationships, economic development and food systems. Ivo Demmers and Ruerd Ruben of Wageningen Universi... Jort Heijmans successor Dé van Riet

11 May 2020

After the departure of Dé van de Riet at the end of last year, Stichting tried to keep up the dynamics of the interactive communication platform with a great deal of art and flying and extra effort from Bureau J...

COV: Call FNV hurtful, unsubstantiated and inappropriate

11 May 2020

This is how Richard van der Kruijk, General Secretary of the COV, qualifies the FNV's call for hard intervention in the meat sector. It is a slap in the face for the thousands of employees who are committed to our food s...

Foodservice gets retail as a competitor

06 May 2020

Consumer confidence has never dropped as much as in April 2020, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). For example, COVID-19 leaves deep scars on consumer behaviour. If confidence drops or the economy de...

New support measures in the agri-food sector

06 May 2020

On Monday 4 May, the Commission published the latest package of exceptional measures to further support the agri-food sectors most affected by the corona crisis. The exceptional measures (announced on 22 April) includ...

New investment fund for WUR startups

06 May 2020

Start-ups, who work under the wing of Wageningen University & Research, can apply for crucial funding from a new fund: SHIFT III. This is a so-called multi-stage fund, which startups can use for a longer period of ti...

Corona infections among Vion employees

06 May 2020

Food company Vion, with branches in the Netherlands and Germany, has employees who have tested positive for corona in both countries. Corona infections were found in 26 residents of a housing unit for migrant workers in ...

Retail takes fair trade hostage

06 May 2020

NVP: Something goes wrong with the pricing of table eggs and the distribution of the margin. Despite the high demand for table eggs, the quotation dropped by 10.5% (brown) to 12.5% (white) from the end of March. Retail i...

Flexibility as a priority

01 May 2020

Globally, we see a growing demand for flexible deep-draw packaging solutions, driven by changing consumer needs. The current situation around the coronavirus reinforces the speed at which this is happening. Repak produce...

Deposit on small plastic bottles for less litter

30 April 2020

1 July 2021 a deposit will be introduced on small plastic bottles. State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven has agreed this with the packaging industry. Per bottle (< 1 liter) will soon be 15 cents deposit. For large bo...