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New proteins, what are they worth?

Proteins: we cannot do without them. But how well are new proteins capable of covering our nutritional needs, and what about when they have undergone all kinds of processing? Protein is an essential macronutrient in o..

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Australian grain-fed beef with character

08 March 2016

Animal welfare, sustainability, food safety – all these topics are playing an increasingly important role in meat-buying decisions. And yet even these aspects are not enough for today’s demanding consumers, who also want...

Empack: better sustainable packaging methods

08 March 2016

The 14th edition of Empack, the leading Dutch packaging trade fair, will be held from 12 to 14 April in Utrecht at the Jaarbeurs venue. This annual event for the packaging industry is a central meeting point for professi...

Nitrites in meat products. Can we lower the ingoing amounts?

09 February 2016

Sodium nitrite is an additive that is used, among other things, to enable the food-safe storage of meat products. Research into organic meat products has revealed that nitrites can actually be added in smaller quantities...

Ultramodern and sustainable solutions at Westfort

09 February 2016

Westfort is the combination of two family-run companies, both with a long history in pork: Egbert Kruiswijk Vleesproducten B.V. and Lunenburg Vlees B.V. They decided to join forces in 2013, and Westfort recently opened i...

Design blunders and pitfalls

24 November 2015

Food hygiene problems? No matter how hard the architect tries, the design is irrelevant if, in practice, the users do not adapt a hygienic mindset. Here are nine rules of thumb for optimal hygiene in a food production fa...

Disinfection using oxygen radicals

24 November 2015

“Can you disinfect a room at the touch of a button? Yes you can!” say Hugo ter Hoeve and Robert Kostrubiec from the Dutch company called Simpel Desinfecteren. They are launching the Nocospray method for the food industry...

Interview Annie Schreijer-Pierik

24 November 2015

On 29 October members of the European Parliament voted to accept the Novel Foods Regulation, which will update the existing legislation dating from 1997. Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Annie Schreijer-Pierik: “I...

Beyond cleaning and hygiene

24 November 2015

Hygiene codes, HACCP, disinfection…when it comes to cleaning and hygiene, there’s nothing new to report. Or is there? We spoke to six experts about management systems for measuring and analysis, about enzymatic cleaning ...

Royal De Koning Vlees BV

08 September 2015

De Koning Vlees B.V. produces tasty meat products for supply to the food processing industry, the food service sector and institutional kitchens at home and abroad – and even to the Dutch royal household. Managing direct...

Gedurfde ‘rook’smaak met een Clean label

30 June 2015

Geef uw producten een gedurfde unieke rooksmaak, met natuurlijk gerookte ingrediënten, leverbaar in poeder of vloeibare vorm: Natural Hardwood Smoked Sugar / Maltodextrin Natural Mesquite Smoked Sugar / Maltodext...

New location for Hutten en Zonen

12 May 2015

Hutten en Zonen intends to become the most modern and most sustainable beef slaughterhouse and meat processing company in Europe. The company opened its new production facility in the Dutch town of Heeten in early March ...

Complete transparency at Groothedde

14 April 2015

Meat specialist Groothedde based in the Dutch town of Vaassen supplies beef and pork from carefully selected suppliers, primarily to retailers, the meat processing industry and foodservice/wholesale customers. How does t...

Replacing regular salt with mineral salt

10 March 2015

Snijders Vleeswaren from Born is keen to stick to its traditional preparation methods, while the market is demanding healthier products with lower salt and fat contents. “That’s no easy task,” says the company director, ...

EHEDG magneetfilter

10 February 2015

Op de Anuga in Keulen toont Goudsmit Magnetic Systems uit Waalre in Hal 5.2-D-20 een vernieuwd EHEDG magneetfilter, peciaal ontwikkeld voor dev oedingsmiddelenindustrie. Het filter is opgebouwd uit Neoflux® (Nd-Fe-B ofwe...

The real meaning of ‘sustainability’!

10 February 2015

A translation error several decades ago resulted in the Dutch word ‘duurzaamheid’ becoming the accepted equivalent for the word ‘sustainability’ – and there has been confusion in The Netherlands about how to give true me...