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New proteins, what are they worth?

Proteins: we cannot do without them. But how well are new proteins capable of covering our nutritional needs, and what about when they have undergone all kinds of processing? Protein is an essential macronutrient in o..

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Van industrie 4.0 tot voedselfraude

13 September 2016

Tijdens MFC-Event op 19 en 20 september a.s. in Evenementenhal Gorinchem kunnen bezoekers gratis deelnemen aan een boeiend lezingenprogramma met uiteenlopende sprekers. Er komen onderwerpen aan bod voor foodondernemers d...

Veal Fine Group: Passion for veal

13 September 2016

All around the world, food safety is becoming an ever-bigger issue. Consumers want hard guarantees that everything they eat is safe and healthy. Animal health and welfare are high on the agenda too. How can those two top...

What can the cold chain offer the fresh chain?

14 June 2016

New food concepts and new suppliers are making an entrance, the topic of food waste is higher up on the agenda than ever before, sustainability and energy efficiency form an essential part of the business strategy and th...

“A significant quality improvement"

10 May 2016

“Consumers nowadays have such a wide choice so we have to set ourselves apart in several different ways,” says Ferry Stevens, who is responsible for quality at Febo and was closely involved in the brand’s recent upgrade....

Developing innovative concepts

12 April 2016

At family-run company Ruitenberg Ingredients in Twello conceptual ideas, ingredients and processes are combined. These three pillars form the basis for the successful development of high-quality products. The company eve...

100 percent Dutch beef

12 April 2016

Hutten Traditional Beef opened its new premises last year. Rick Hutten, the project manager, explains the decisions the company made during that project. The building had to be sustainable, had to safeguard continuity an...

IFFA 2016: 'Meet the best'

12 April 2016

Ontdek tijdens IFFA 2016 innovatieve technologieën, trends en toekomstgerichte oplossingen voor slachterij, verwerking en verpakking van vlees. Het belooft een prima beurs te worden: Messe Frankfurt verwacht een recordaa...

12 April 2016

Big Data, the Internet of Things, Smart Industry: the digital transformation offers countless opportunities for the food sector – but only if you can get the bits and bytes to ‘talk’ to you. Otherwise the ‘great unknown’...

Australian grain-fed beef with character

08 March 2016

Animal welfare, sustainability, food safety – all these topics are playing an increasingly important role in meat-buying decisions. And yet even these aspects are not enough for today’s demanding consumers, who also want...

Empack: better sustainable packaging methods

08 March 2016

The 14th edition of Empack, the leading Dutch packaging trade fair, will be held from 12 to 14 April in Utrecht at the Jaarbeurs venue. This annual event for the packaging industry is a central meeting point for professi...

Nitrites in meat products. Can we lower the ingoing amounts?

09 February 2016

Sodium nitrite is an additive that is used, among other things, to enable the food-safe storage of meat products. Research into organic meat products has revealed that nitrites can actually be added in smaller quantities...

Ultramodern and sustainable solutions at Westfort

09 February 2016

Westfort is the combination of two family-run companies, both with a long history in pork: Egbert Kruiswijk Vleesproducten B.V. and Lunenburg Vlees B.V. They decided to join forces in 2013, and Westfort recently opened i...

Design blunders and pitfalls

24 November 2015

Food hygiene problems? No matter how hard the architect tries, the design is irrelevant if, in practice, the users do not adapt a hygienic mindset. Here are nine rules of thumb for optimal hygiene in a food production fa...

Disinfection using oxygen radicals

24 November 2015

“Can you disinfect a room at the touch of a button? Yes you can!” say Hugo ter Hoeve and Robert Kostrubiec from the Dutch company called Simpel Desinfecteren. They are launching the Nocospray method for the food industry...

Interview Annie Schreijer-Pierik

24 November 2015

On 29 October members of the European Parliament voted to accept the Novel Foods Regulation, which will update the existing legislation dating from 1997. Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Annie Schreijer-Pierik: “I...