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The 5 biggest hygiene blunders

We challenged you to give one, preferably as recent as possible, real-life example of a cleaning and disinfection issue you had to deal with. An event that made a deep impression on you, the biggest mistake of the year. ..

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Fruit Logistica uitgesteld naar 5-7 april 2022

26 November 2021

De Fruit Logistica, een belangrijke vakbeurs voor internationale groente- en fruithandel, wordt door corona uitgesteld naar 5-7 april 2022. Dit maakte de beursorganisatie bekend op 26 november 2021. Op dit moment is h...

Arla develops technology to extract protein from milk

26 November 2021

Arla Foods created a technology to separate milk into its different protein components, opening the door to infinite innovation possibilities. The patented method, called milk fractionation, enables scientists, nutrition...

Gold is the new green

25 November 2021

Tasty food that looks good, is environmentally friendly and healthy – who wouldn’t want that? The new Chlorella algae, Duplaco Gold, helps food and beverage manufacturers to cater for all these requirements. Thanks to sp...

Sustainable soy cultivation in danger

25 November 2021

Replacing certification too quickly by tough EU legislation is counterproductive: deforestation increases. With strict import legislation, Europe will be left out of the world market, warns Nevedi director Henk Flipsen. ...

Cosun introduces vegetable protein isolate from Fava bean

25 November 2021

Cosun introduces a promising new product: a protein isolate from the Fava bean. It will be produced in a climate-friendly way, with a unique combination of properties, including a neutral taste, high solubility and good ...

Successful cooperation Smart Pig Chain

23 November 2021

Vion Food Group, together with several partners, is looking for ways to manage differences in fat quality in pigs. The first results of the research were announced this month. The project 'The Smart Pig Chain' is one of ...

13 food and agribusinesses in Innovation Top 100

23 November 2021

Three quarters of the entrepreneurs in the KVK Innovation Top 100 indicate that innovation has increased the competitive position and turnover (72%). The profit and productivity at 57%. For just over half, the number of ...

Rabobank: disruptions on meat market also in 2022

23 November 2021

Those hoping that 2022 will bring calm after multiple market disruptions will likely be disappointed, according to Rabobank. Although markets are expected to calm down somewhat in 2022, many drivers of recent changes wil...

Field locust approved as food in EU

18 November 2021

After mealworms, residents of the European Union will soon be able to put grasshoppers on the table. The European Commission approves the European field grasshopper to serve as a foodstuff. A Dutch company had requested ...

Recycling rate reached 82% in 2020

17 November 2021

The recycling percentage for packaging rose again in 2020. With the 82% achieved, the Netherlands meets the legal target of 70% and is also among the leaders in Europe, according to a report by the Stichting Afvalfonds V...

How do consumers feel about homegrown plant-based proteins?

17 November 2021

To find out what the attitude and knowledge of consumers is around home-grown plant proteins, DVJ Insights conducted a consumer survey on behalf of the Protein Farmers of the Netherlands (an initiative of Foodvalley NL)....

65% of plastic packaging from supermarket can't be recycled

17 November 2021

Research by Natuur & Milieu has shown that the majority (two-thirds) of supermarket packaging is either not recyclable or only marginally recyclable. More than half of the packaging that is not recyclable can be so w...

Food industry entrepreneurs optimistic about 2022

16 November 2021

Entrepreneurs in the food industry are positive about the development of turnover next year. On balance, 34 percent (optimists minus pessimists) expect to achieve higher sales in 2022 than this year. Nearly 30 percent al...

Attica Takes the Lead in Health Food Industry

16 November 2021

The Attica Region has entered dynamically in the health food sector. In recent years, more and more companies are innovating, using research and new practices to optimize products that are already in production, but also...

Are you ready for a gasless production process?

16 November 2021

It is abundantly clear that gas is going to disappear. You may already have studied the various possibilities for making your steam plant or even your entire production process more sustainable. But how do you go about p...