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FNLI: Existence of food producers under strong pressure

FNLI is very concerned about the continuity of Dutch food producers. Exploding energy costs are putting them under increasing pressure. A growing number of producers in various sectors even see their continuity threatene..

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Government supports energy-intensive SMEs with TEK scheme

05 October 2022

Companies from small to large have been hit hard by soaring energy costs. The government has completed its inventory of options for targeted support for SMEs, which cannot escape high energy consumption. For these so-cal...

KVK: Protect your business with these 7 measures

05 October 2022

There are many ways to be cyber-secure. What you secure and how you do it varies from one business to another. Yet there are a few security points that almost every business owner should think about. The Digital Trust Ce...

HAK stops production due to high energy prices

04 October 2022

Vegetable and legume manufacturer HAK plans a short production break in January 2023 due to soaring energy prices. This will be a six-week break. According to the organisation, with current energy prices, it is not feasi...

11 food sector companies in KVK Innovation top 100

04 October 2022

On Tuesday 4 October 2022, KVK presented the ranking of 100 concrete innovations realised by Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises for the 17th time. In 2022, there are 11 companies from the food and agri sector in th...

Industrial food slicers with high-capacity

04 October 2022

As the world leader in food cutting technology, Urschel is the #1 best-selling supplier of industrial food cutting machines in the world. Urschel designs, manufactures and markets precision high-capacity industrial slici...

Dutch cutter fishery to suffer heavy losses in 2022

03 October 2022

The Dutch cutter fishery suffers an estimated loss of EUR 20-30 million for the first eight months of 2022. Many cutters have been idle for long periods because fishing was expected to be unprofitable. Main reasons for t...

Pieter Pot wants more packaging-free products

03 October 2022

Pieter Pot is running a campaign during October 2022 to invite consumers as well as major players in the food industry to commit more to packaging-free products. Pieter Pot has been campaigning against the use of single-...

Startup launches Coffee without coffee beans

01 October 2022

Dutch startup Northern Wonder launched Coffee Free Coffee on Tuesday 27 September 2022. This new product has the taste and smell of coffee, contains caffeine and is brewed the same way, but contains only non-tropical ing...

ENOUGH produces non-animal protein in new plant

29 September 2022

ENOUGH will open a production facility in Sas van Gent, Zeeland, from October, adding additional capacity to the protein market. One year after construction of the plant began, the Glasgow-based food technology company (...

Sunt makes baked donuts from rescued bananas

29 September 2022

Sunt is the first company worldwide to introduce baked donuts on a large scale and shows that even the traditional donut -which originated from the Dutch oliebol- can and must be a lot more sustainable and responsible. T...

Brave New Food takes new step towards sustainable food

27 September 2022

Brave New Food is taking a new step in the quest for more healthy and sustainable food products. With the Startup Challenge 2022, the company is calling on their network of both innovative startups and well-established c...

CBS: Consumer confidence hits new low

27 September 2022

Consumers were gloomier than ever in September 2022, breaking the low consumer confidence record for the fifth time this year. In September, confidence stood at -59, down from -54 in August. Consumers have never been so ...

WUR: Share of sustainable food purchases increases

27 September 2022

Consumers spent €9.5 billion on sustainable food in 2021. We are spending more and more on products with sustainability labels like Beter Leven, Organic and Rainforest Alliance. These are the conclusions of the Sustainab...

Avoid 3 major pitfalls when buying ERP package

27 September 2022

When you are looking for a component or a completely new ERP system, there are several pitfalls you would like to avoid. To help you find the ERP system and partner that best suits your business, we have developed an ...

Laurens Hoedemaker: 'I am averse to fussing about power'

22 September 2022

At the beginning of last year, Laurens Hoedemaker (51) took office as the new chairman of the Central Organisation for the Meat Sector (COV) and the Dutch Meat Industry Association (VNV). Before that, he was director of ...