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Consultation CLA for the meat industry is difficult

The FNV, together with employers in the meat industry, wants to increase the compensation for job losses in the meat sector when farmers are allowed to keep fewer animals due to the nitrogen problem. Wage increases ..

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Personalised nutrition and health

09 February 2016

Imagine: upon entering the company canteen with your Google colleagues, your smartphone automatically guides you to the counter serving the products that are the healthiest for you personally that day. During a conferenc...

New vocational qualification for food quality

08 September 2015

In September 2015, the vocational food training institute SVO has launched a new MBO-level qualification called ‘Quality Employee’. Jan Willem Sipma, Manager of Markets & Careers at SVO: “It’s becoming increasingly i...

Failure to facilitate training: a costly mistake

18 November 2014

Companies who facilitate training invest both in their business and in their employees, generating significant benefits. Investing in the quality of their people enables organisations to meet the needs of their customers...

New collective agreement temporary workers

18 November 2014

After intensive negotiations, the Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU) and the trade unions FNV Bondgenoten, CNV Dienstenbond, De Unie and LBV have reached a deal on the changes to the current collective...

Recruiting, motivating and developing

18 November 2014

The food industry is facing a shortage of technologists, and well-qualified operators are in high demand. It is important to provide training: if you fail to do so, you risk losing out to your competitors. Read on to lea...

Supporting the positive evolution of the company culture

18 November 2014

Vergeer Holland is proof that innovation is always possible, even with a traditional product such as cheese. The company’s product range is evolving all the time, and so too it its workforce: employees have plenty of opp...

Interview Jos Havekotte, Innovatiemanager VION

18 November 2014

Jos Havekotte is passionate about food, especially fresh food, and people. “Food equals emotion. By adding a story to that, you create an experience.” As Innovation Manager at Vion, he is a ‘linchpin of the organisation’...

A Smooth-Running System at Marfo

13 May 2014

At meal-solution manufacturer Marfo, food safety is fully integrated into the company’s operations. The QA department forms the heart of this approach and supports the other departments every step of the way, from the so...

'Let's connect to change education'

13 May 2014

Headed up by Professor Evert-Jan Ulrich, the Innovation and Development chair at HAS University of Applied Sciences is focusing on new approaches to education and innovative entrepreneurialism. Evert-Jan was inaugurated ...