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MBO Challenge Food waste 2020 kicks off

More than 30 student teams have now registered for the MBO Challenge Food Waste 2020. In addition, the organisation has received more than 25 challenges from companies, organisations and institutions. These can be found ..

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Number of butcher students SVO growing

25 August 2020

Many industries are struggling in corona time, but there are also sectors that are growing. For the first time in years, the number of butcher's students at SVO professional education food, a trainer for professionals in...

Technical universities join forces in Techrede

05 June 2020

The four technical universities in the Netherlands (Delft, Eindhoven, Twente and Wageningen) are appealing to politicians in The Hague to embed technological innovations structurally in their agendas. Technological innov...

New techniques help make industry more sustainable

09 March 2020

According to Elies Lemkes, food processing companies have a key position when it comes to making the chain more sustainable. This requires close cooperation with suppliers and customers, as well as the implementation of ...

HAS Food Experience 2020; Young Talent

09 March 2020

At the 12th HAS Food Experience 230 up-and-coming food professionals presented their projects in the theme 'Today's Food Challenges'. The event has grown into a vibrant platform that helps students with promising concept...

Food Academy van start

07 February 2020

Op woensdagochtend 5 februari is de Food Academy Nijkerk van start gegaan. Acht jongeren van de mbo-opleiding Food Operator begonnen aan hun eerste dag van deze bijzondere opleiding - een samenwerkingsverband tussen food...

LIFE College in Finale mbo-Challenge Food waste

27 January 2020

A group of 9 students of the mbo-education Food & Technology of the Lentiz | LIFE College has been selected for the finals of the "mbo-Challenge", a national competition on the theme "Food waste". The students came u...

Unemployment comes to a standstill

07 January 2020

Both the Dutch and European unemployment rates have not fallen in recent months. The average unemployment rate in the EU countries will be 6.3 from May 2019, and the Dutch rate will be 3.5 from August. This makes the Net...

JUMP programme starts in January

19 December 2019

'Keep dreaming, start doing' is the motto of JUMP dream accelerator. This is the new annual programme that gives young food innovators the opportunity to accelerate the realisation of their dreams about the food (system)...

Consultation CLA for the meat industry is difficult

29 October 2019

The FNV, together with employers in the meat industry, wants to increase the compensation for job losses in the meat sector when farmers are allowed to keep fewer animals due to the nitrogen problem. Wage increases ...

MBO-challenge Food Wastage

16 July 2019

Food waste goes far beyond the scraps that go into the garbage can at home. Throughout the entire chain, food is lost or wasted. Worldwide, this involves 1.3 billion tonnes per year, one third of all the food produced. I...

Legislative amendments as of 1 July 2019 for SMEs

18 June 2019

As of 1 July 2019, various laws and regulations will change. In addition, various legislative changes have been introduced in recent months. The most important legislative changes for you as an SME at a glance. What will...

Wageningen Food Safety Research launched

04 June 2019

Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR) was launched on 1 June 2019. WFSR is the new institute for food safety in the Netherlands. The new organization is a merger of RIKILT Wageningen University & Research and the La...

‘Dry practice helps’

07 May 2019

It took some getting used to for the twenty employees of food companies who participated in a simulation game on 5 April 2019. The simulation, organised by Willis Towers Watson in collaboration with Recall Solutions, hig...

Looking into the future

09 April 2019

I have a sad and maybe even shocking announcement to make: the Slagersvakschool, the butchery school, no longer exists! There was no other option. We could not continue any longer. 'Seriously!? But since when? And why di...

Wijzigingen betalen zieke werknemer

29 January 2019

Als je als mkb’er een zieke werknemer hebt, dan moet je die twee jaar lang loon blijven betalen. De nieuwe maatregelen maken dit makkelijker, duidelijker en goedkoper. Doorbetalen Als werkgever ben je de eerste twe...