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2020: extra commitment to product safety

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) will deploy extra capacity in 2020 for the supervision of product safety and manure controls. The NVWA is also deploying extra people to be able to respond more..

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Uninvited guests: Toxoplasma gondii

10 May 2016

Virtually all organisms, including humans, can carry parasites: worms, fleas, lice, ticks. Toxoplasma gondii is one of the most common parasitic zoonoses worldwide and it can have severe consequences for pregnant women i...

Improving quality in chilled food products

10 May 2016

The entire organisation plays a role in quality. It is becoming increasingly common for quality specialists to work together with colleagues from other departments in order to take quality to the next level. Here, three ...

Treat farmers, fishermen and processors with respect

10 May 2016

On 11 April 2016 #Foodtopia – an exhibition about the future of our food – opened at Rabobank headquarters. Food and agriculture expert Prof. Dr. Ir. Louise O. Fresco, chair of the executive board of Wageningen Universit...

Food product improvement

12 April 2016

Everyone knows that eating less salt, less saturated fat and less sugar is better for their health. If consumers were to opt in their masses for low-salt alternatives of processed food products it could result in 5% fewe...

Colourful and natural!

12 April 2016

Consumers all over the world are increasingly health-conscious and pay more attention to the products they eat and drink every day. In order to map out the extent of this ongoing trend towards more naturalness and its im...

Food from less-refined ingredients

12 April 2016

To produce our daily foodstuffs, grain, soya beans and potatoes are separated into ingredients, or ‘fractions’, that are as pure as possible. That is inefficient and not particularly sustainable, according to Prof. Dr. A...

Testen van lekdichtheid verpakkingen

08 March 2016

WITT heeft op het gebied van het testen van verpakking op lekdichtheid een nieuwe dimensie toegevoegd. Op stand B107 vertellen ze u meer over de bekende Leakmaster Easy®, die nu ook uit te breiden is met Leakmaster Easy+...

Snijtechniek oplossingen

08 March 2016

Sinds oktober 2015 is Van Uhm B.V. (Empack 2016 stand C218), samen met dochteronderneming Habuba B.V., de exclusieve dealer voor HOLAC-machines in Nederland. Ook de service aan de HOLAC machines kan Van Uhm B.V. volledig...

Australian grain-fed beef with character

08 March 2016

Animal welfare, sustainability, food safety – all these topics are playing an increasingly important role in meat-buying decisions. And yet even these aspects are not enough for today’s demanding consumers, who also want...

Van Dam says: overhaul the food system

08 March 2016

There is broad support from 22 EU Member States plus Norway and Switzerland, the international world of business and healthcare patient organisations for gradually making food products healthier by reducing salt, saturat...

PureFinish for optimal hygiene

08 March 2016

PureFinish is a post-processing technique developed by Rösler. This technique allows Stainless Steel to be finished to a smoother surface with a low and reproducible SRI value below 0.010. In practice, this produces a su...

Controle door optische inspectie

08 March 2016

In 2015 nam Bizerba de leider in optische inspectie over om zijn rol als betrouwbare partner in de voedingsindustrie te versterken. Bizerba Luceo levert complete inspectiemachines die zich eenvoudig laten integreren in a...

Südpack expands

08 March 2016

Individual, fast and cost-effective: Südpack Packaging GmbH & Co. KG has recently added a digital print process to the possibilities it offers in the area of rotogravure and flexographic printing, thus completing its...

Industry and trade revert to quality-focused sourcing

08 March 2016

Global market research firm Mintel has identified six packaging trends for 2016: digital printing, transparency (both in information and literally), new levels of quality of films and foils, sustainability, customisation...

Modern technology meets long tradition

09 February 2016

Since 1920 Ebels General Store in Falmouth has been providing the local population in the northern Michigan with products for its everyday needs. The business, which is now in its fifth generation, has remained downto- e...