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Key challenges post-COVID food systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has a large and decisive impact on public health, and generates major consequences for social relationships, economic development and food systems. Ivo Demmers and Ruerd Ruben of Wageningen Universi..

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Brilliant business models in food

07 February 2017

Food will be one of society’s biggest challenges in the future. There are several aspects to that challenge; on the one hand the aim is to produce healthy and sustainable food, and on the other the challenge lies in keep...

Ten million kilos of tomatoes thanks to geothermal heat

07 February 2017

The company Duijvestijn Tomaten in Pijnacker does business as sustainably as possible, such as by using geothermal energy to heat its greenhouses. Director Ted Duijvestijn explains how this innovation came about. “Ene...

Sustainability in agri-food

07 February 2017

Today, society takes a more critical view of food manufacturing companies than ever before. Most election manifestos not only underline the importance of a food policy, but also believe that the policy should be closely ...

'Better product composition has an effect for everyone’

07 February 2017

Jantine Schuit is head of the Centre for Nutrition, Prevention and Health Services of the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and a professor of health promotion and policy at VU ...

‘Food industry must support farmers’

07 February 2017

With forecast sales growth of 7% per year, the future for organic food in the Netherlands looks rosy. However, this growth depends on more farmers making the transition to organic production, and that cannot be taken for...

A journey through the chain

07 February 2017

According to the Dutch private sector and the government, it is time to take important steps forward in improving the transparency of our food chain in order to safeguard the Netherlands’ future as an agri-food nation.&n...

Supporting research and innovation

14 November 2016

On 28 October, the Eat2Move centre of excellence opened its innovation hub for nutrition and exercise. It is designed for companies that are developing products or services for specific target groups such as athletes or ...

Decay of vacuum-packed fresh meat

14 November 2016

Vacuum packaging protects meat against contamination during storage and transport, and slows down microbiological spoilage. By also gradually reducing the temperature during transport, it is possible to keep the meat mic...

Modified atmosphere inhibits growth of microorganisms

14 November 2016

‘Can you supply chicken in modified atmosphere packaging?’ After being asked that by the market, Heijs Food Products ended up buying a new packaging machine. Hans van Norden from the poultry processing company explains: ...

‘The problem is, you can’t see it'

14 November 2016

Everything can go without a hitch for years: low microbiological values, passing ATP tests with flying colours...until an unexpected outbreak of microorganisms occurs. This is a sign of the presence of biofilm, an invisi...

Milmeq chooses DGS

11 October 2016

Milmeq, an international manufacturer of chilling and freezing tunnels, has chosen DGS Processing Solutions as its European partner for the design, installation and sales of logistics facilities equipped with Milmeq free...

Investing in the future

11 October 2016

Master butcher Hanspeter Baer was considered extremely brave when, in 1999, he decided to start selling fresh olives and antipasti instead of meat and home-smoked products. Despite all the advice to the contrary, he went...

QiSOFT software system supports cheese producer

11 October 2016

More production and more products – soft-cheese producer Özgazi in Etten-Leur is scaling up. But the expansion in both volume and product range can only be achieved with a new quality management system. Özgazi is a re...

Automation projects at Bolletje

11 October 2016

Holding on to its products’ tradition of craftsmanship while also being recognised for innovation and expressiveness – that’s what Bolletje demonstrated it had been able to do last year when it won the FNLI Brand of the ...

The right information – anywhere, anytime

13 September 2016

It’s like being in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: you can see huge kettles of molten chocolate, nuts are being added to bonbons, chocolate discs are being prettily decorated and packed. The huge diversity of carefull...