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Additional sampling of pigs at slaughterhouses

From September to the end of 2022, the NVWA will take extra samples at slaughterhouses of cattle, pigs, horses, goats and sheep. In November, the NVWA reported on the results of sampling in cattle. These are the first re..

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'The drive for improvement is there'

21 November 2022

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) oversees - among other things - the production of safe food. Recent outbreaks and major changes in detection techniques are prompting more attention to machine ...

Column Pieter Vos: Stay sharp

21 November 2022

Cleaning and disinfection is about risk management: guaranteeing hygiene contributes to the safe marketing of your food products, so you don't have to worry about recalls. To ensure this, you have set up procedures and r...

Organic farming pays off more often than you think

24 October 2022

Between 2018-2020, organic farmers and gardeners were able to recoup the additional costs of organic production through higher market prices in most cases, except for milk. However, consumers' willingness to pay for orga...

Blueberry requires fast and gentle handling

17 October 2022

With the peak season just around the corner, they could use some extra hands on the packing line at Berry Packing Services. That is why the super-fast Proseal Case Packer was recently purchased. 'Handle with care' is ...

Qlip sets out to guarantee dairy with Dutch origin

13 September 2022

The current milk market is in a state of turmoil. More and more milk or milk products of different origins are being processed into dairy products. The Dutch dairy sector notes that foreign dairy producers are increasing...

TLR newcomer to Dutch Fresh Port

12 September 2022

Is that organic tomato really organic? Do these strawberries, raspberries or berries carry the hepatitis-A virus or norovirus, or is a full pesticide screening with retail specification required? Questions that TLR, newc...

Mini intestines replace test animals

26 April 2022

Three Wageningen research institutes are developing organoids using intestinal cells harvested from humans and pigs. This will drastically reduce the need for test animals in future, according to food safety researcher M...

'Slaughter speed reduction legally impossible'

26 April 2022

It is not worthwhile or possible to enforce a generic reduction in slaughter speed in slaughterhouses, because the process control at a certain slaughter speed depends very much on the situation and set-up of that specif...

Liability of carriers in case of food safety violations

07 March 2022

If foodstuffs or ingredients become contaminated or polluted during transport, this is called cargo damage. It opens the door to compensation within the system of the CMR Convention. However, a well-founded 'fear of loss...

Clean Label safeguards traditional meat taste

15 November 2021

How do you guarantee that meat products can be kept for long enough and remain tasty? That was the challenge Aarnink Vleeswaren faced. They chose Masterblends 'clean label' and are pleased with the natural, traditional m...

Complex food company thrives on standardisation

13 September 2021

For a complex production company with a continuous flow of new food concepts, products and customers, an automation system for the control of information flows is extremely important. The Future Food Group found assuranc...

Revolutionary bacteria-inhibiting packaging

13 September 2021

Global Flexibles from Krimpen a/d IJssel will soon be marketing a special vacuum and skin film. A packaging film with proven bacterial inhibition that can ensure a longer shelf life of fish, meat and cheese, and less foo...

CBL lanceert website ‘Wat zit er in jouw winkelmandje?’

13 September 2021

Sta je weleens stil bij de producten die je in je winkelmandje doet? Dat zouden we eens wat meer moeten doen. Want de producten die jij koopt, komen niet zomaar in de winkel. Daar komt heel wat bij kijken. Wist je bijvoo...

The effects of origin labelling on meat products

18 August 2021

Mandatory country-of-origin labelling of meat products appears to be useful for consumers and does not have a major impact on the meat chain, according to research commissioned by the European Commission. Consumers re...

45% prepacked food does not match weight on label

17 August 2021

In 2020, the FPS Economy checked the correctness of the quantity indication of pre-packaged foodstuffs. This revealed that 45% of the checked lots did not comply with the requirements. The checks concerned "pre-packaged ...