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Improving the quality of fruit and vegetables

Project leader Eelke Westra (WUR): "One of the most groundbreaking results, in my opinion, is the objective measuring method that can assess large quantities of fruit and vegetables for quality at the same time. This mak..

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20% less packaging in 2025

18 February 2019

The Dutch supermarkets have agreed that by 2025 there will be 20% less packaging material in the supermarket. The sector is collectively committed to less and more sustainable packaging. This is part of a number of ambit...

A visit to Prins and Dingemanse

04 February 2019

How to reach the new generation who would sooner prefer sushi over shellfish? How can you become more successful worldwide? How do you continuously build on your brand recognition? These questions have one answer in comm...

Few additions at Chateau Briand Soest

04 February 2019

A young business, yet with many years of experiences, is pushing forward. Chateau Briand Soest makes no concessions when it comes to quality. Their sausages and meatballs are traditionally pure and delicious products. ...

Jongeren en vraagstukken uit groente- en fruitsector

09 July 2018

Rotterdam Food Cluster organiseert op 4 en 5 oktober 2018 in nauwe samenwerking met verschillende partijen uit de groenten- en fruitsector Markt Match: een tweedaags evenement in Rotterdam. 200 jongeren tussen de 17 en 2...

Awareness to the next level

09 April 2018

High quality awareness for all employees at every link in the production chain is essential for improving the final quality of the product. A positive quality culture is a significant condition. “Management is charged wi...

Customised, gasless steam production

09 April 2018

The use of fossil fuels needs to be decreased. The supply of gas is finite and exacerbates climate issues. Businesses must look to alternative energy sources, which includes their need for a steam supply. Scharff Technie...

High season for the smoked sausage specialist

05 March 2018

The brother-butchers Bert and Jannes Koetsier specialise in smoked sausages prepared with fresh ingredients and smoked on beechwood. In 2014, they developed a new passion: knackwurst. Bert Koetsier tracked its unique his...

Één kwaliteitsmaatstaf voor Nederlandse varkenssector

09 January 2018

De POV en COV komen in het kader van de uitvoering van het Actieplan Vitalisering Varkenshouderij met één kwaliteitsmaatstaf voor de Nederlandse varkenssector, genaamd Normenkader Holland Varken. Hiermee kan de sector af...

A peek in a kosher kitchen

14 November 2017

The contents of the pots and pans are simmering on the stove at catering company Langerhuize. Every day the firm prepares between 3,000 and 4,000 meals for healthcare customers, airlines and institutions with special die...

Cleaning in Place (CIP): To measure is to know!

10 October 2017

The economy is improving. Companies are gradually more willing to invest again, including in the purchase of new hygienic equipment. But what should they choose? This article examines the CIP system: what are the benefit...

Nieuwe sterilisatie-technologie

11 September 2017

Op 13 oktober 2017 organiseren TOP bv en Marfo bv een seminar over de nieuwe sterilisatietechnologie PATS (Pressure Assisted Thermal Sterilization). TOP en Marfo hebben binnen een Europese consortium meegewerkt aan de on...

The QA manager of the future

11 September 2017

The food industry is evolving all the time; there is more focus than ever before on quality and food safety. Hence there is also a growing need for skilled QA managers: people who quickly and accurately anticipate all re...

Zandvliet Vleeswaren focuses on quality

11 September 2017

Quality and product innovation are two key pillars for Zandvliet Vleeswaren, a meat producer from the Dutch city of Delft. The family-owned business has a firm focus on the future – not only by responding to the latest d...

The story behind a perfect cog

10 July 2017

In collaboration with University Racing Eindhoven, Rösler Benelux has filmed the manufacturing process of a cog used in an electric car. The project is part of a sponsorship activity for the university in question and...

Jan van As: Pioneer in innovation and sustainability

13 June 2017

What started more than 60 years ago as a stall on Amsterdam’s Albert Cuyp market has grown into an impressive business. The company called Versvishandel Jan van As handles over 4,000 tons of fresh fish each year. Sustain...