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The Dutch are willing to eat more insects

Dutch people are very open to the idea of eating more insects. 1 out of 5 Dutch people (21%) have already eaten insects or insect-based food. This is shown in research commissioned by Ÿnsect. When the advantages in te..

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New leadership for De Korrel Beheer

16 May 2022

On 1 August 2022, De Korrel Beheer will welcome a new managing director. Erik van den Brink is taking on that role at the producer in the field of flavours, coatings and functional blends. "The company has a special plac...

Cleaning for allergens: Rushing is not an option!

16 May 2022

Innovation is in the heart of food hygiene specialist Christeyns. The 'Allergen Defense' programme is the latest development in allergen control.  Just after the Second World War, in a backyard in Ghent, the firs...

BEAT 'M All Slicer by Sleegers Technique starts a revolution

16 May 2022

The Beatle, the car with rounded shapes is known worldwide. Will the new Beat 'm All Slicer achieve the same fame? That is the aim of inventor Huub Sleegers. A road that took ten years, but became truth at LaBoucherie an...

Strategic Food & Beverage Business Event

16 May 2022

Taking your Business to the Next Level Do you want to be at the forefront of the Food & Beverage sector and maintain a healthy profit? Then it is essential to be up-to-date with the latest trends and developments....

Column Saskia Stender: Freedom of choice

16 May 2022

I wrote this column on 5 May, the Day of Freedom. The right to freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of choice. I want to talk about the latter. Take deep-frying fat, which has become scarce. The shelves are empty, ...

JacKit renovates at Maasland Vleeswaren

16 May 2022

JacKit has recently renovated a quick cooling system with Sealwise at Maasland Vleeswaren B.V. During the job it turned out once again that you can always come across unexpected problems during a renovation. In this case...

New perspectives for the meat and protein industry

13 May 2022

The outlook for the meat and protein industry and its suppliers is positive despite difficult underlying conditions. German production of process technology for this sector rose to a peak in 2021, and exports were also a...

Higher rates for difficult recyclable packaging

12 May 2022

In order to further encourage the use of easily recyclable packaging, the Packaging Waste Fund (Afvalfonds Verpakkingen) will increase the fee paid by companies for the collection and recycling of their packaging for dif...

Week Without Meat & Dairy more impactful than ever

12 May 2022

1 in 5 Dutch people (19%) took part in the fifth edition of the National Week Without Meat & Dairy 2022. This is the highest number of participants since the start of the annual campaign in 2018. New this year was th...

Dutch parliament does not want a meat tax

11 May 2022

On Tuesday 10 May 2022, a majority in the Lower House supported a motion by the PVV asking the government not to implement a meat tax. Minister Staghouwer of LNV informed the House in March that he was considering a s...

Protein transition: lack of focus on equity

10 May 2022

Protein transition is not just about eating less meat. It is also about equal distribution around the world. ‘Right now the focus on equitability is missing’, says Stacy Pyett, Program Manager Proteins for Life. Pyett...

Cheese trade volume down due to reduced milk supply

10 May 2022

The effects of the decreased milk production in Western Europe continue to show in the global trade in Dutch cheeses: the monthly trading volume in January 2022 dropped 7.4% year-over-year, marking the lowest volume for ...

Avocados continue to gain popularity

10 May 2022

Avocados are becoming more and more popular. South America is producing more and more. For the European market, extra information is needed to match the level of the US, the largest import market in the world. A recen...

NBC: 'Price rise of bread only 5 to 10 percent'

10 May 2022

According to the media, the price of bread would double, but new figures from the Dutch Bakery Centre (NBC) show the opposite. The increase is at most 5 to 10 percent. Thus, the increase is considerably lower and bread r...

Identifying risks of contamination

10 May 2022

Food and safety are inextricably linked. At specialist cleaning company Hago Food & Industry, they know better than anyone that even the best quality systems are not always enough to prevent contamination: ears and e...