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The Netherlands after corona in four scenarios

The coronary pandemic has enormous economic and social consequences. The speed and scale at which the pandemic has taken hold raises the question of how to deal with such risks in the future and, above all, who will have..

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Remkes acquires majority interest in Heijs Food Products

28 April 2020

YMBA, the company behind Remkes The Poultry Family, which includes poultry slaughterhouse GPS in Nunspeet - and the shareholders of Heijs Food Products in Hoogeveen signed a letter of intent for a far-reaching collaborat...

The Vista Protector enables 1.5 meter economy

28 April 2020

The Rutte government's message remains: caution is called for. Take small steps. Vista Protector is a big step towards individual and collective security. Of course we keep as much distance as possible. But sometimes tha...

ABN AMRO: 4% reduction in food turnover

28 April 2020

Since March 12th, society has changed enormously. Entrepreneurs have to improvise and keep a distance of one and a half meters seems to become normal. ABN AMRO expects the Dutch economy to shrink by 3.8% this year in a s...

Fully convert to one and a half meter economy

28 April 2020

At Vezet, some 800 permanent employees and 500 temporary workers ensure that all Albert Heijn stores are filled with pre-packed sliced fruit and vegetables and meal salads. Vezet in times of corona Marcel Jacobs, d...

NVWA: Handbook of regulations on food for specific groups

21 April 2020

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has compiled and published a manual of regulations for specific groups. The handbook focuses on nutrition for specific groups such as infants, young children, s...

The Dutch eat less and less meat

21 April 2020

More than 5 million Dutch people eat no or only occasionally meat. This is 36% of the whole of the Netherlands. This group has grown by 7% since 2016. This is evident from the second edition of the Smart Food Monitor, a ...

People will pay more for cultured meat with right information

17 April 2020

If people are properly informed about cultured meat, most are willing to pay nearly 40 percent more for it than for regular meat, according to research at Maastricht University (UM), where Professor Mark Post created the...

Consumer deviates to specialized shops and delivery service

17 April 2020

Consumer spending is expected to shrink by a total of around 5% this year, according to a report published by ABN AMRO on Friday 17 April. The bank assumes a scenario in which the intelligent lockdown will last two month...

Corona crisis can bring about major changes in the food sector

16 April 2020

Analysts at Rabobank claim that the corona crisis could cause fundamental changes in the food sector. It is unclear how long the crisis measures will last in the various countries affected. This makes it difficult to est...

11 corona-feiten voor de voedingsindustrie

16 April 2020

Het BfR, het Duitse Federale Instituut voor Risicobeoordeling, publiceerde 30 maart een artikel met feiten over Corona zoals die tot nu toe bekend zijn. Metaflex, specialist in geavanceerde deursystemen, heeft de tekst v...

Scammers active on behalf of the trade journal Voedingsindustrie

15 April 2020

As a loyal relation of the trade journal 'Voedingsindustrie', I want to warn you about scammers. Four advertisers have already been approached to place an ad and have been completely misled. Fortunately, they didn't agre...

Coronacalculator calculates how you get through the crisis

14 April 2020

On Thursday 9 April, the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW) and MKB-Nederland (MKB-Nederland) presented a new corona instrument for entrepreneurs, which among other things calculates to what ex...

Stockpiling supports cereal prices

10 April 2020

The corona crisis is having a major impact on commodity prices. For example, the CRB index – a representative indicator of global commodity markets – has fallen by around 30% since the coronavirus escalation began on 20 ...

Empack Utrecht postponed to 15, 16 & 17 September 2020

09 April 2020

Because of the corona virus, the upcoming edition of the packaging fair Empack will be moved to 15, 16 and 17 September 2020 in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. An earlier move to 23, 24 and 25 June 2020, has been adjusted accordingly...

One fifth of the economy stagnates in April and May

09 April 2020

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, approximately one fifth of the Dutch economy is currently largely at a standstill. The longer the corona problem lasts, the greater the share of the economy that is affected. I...