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New proteins, what are they worth?

Proteins: we cannot do without them. But how well are new proteins capable of covering our nutritional needs, and what about when they have undergone all kinds of processing? Protein is an essential macronutrient in o..

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Boermarke is producing plant-based cheese

21 August 2020

Due to the great demand for plant-based alternatives to cheese, Boermarke from Enschede is building an entirely new production line for plant-based cheeses. In the first quarter of 2021, Boermarke will produce more than ...

Unveiling new antiviral (wall) panels

18 August 2020

Wall coverings and partitions that are anti-bacterial and anti-viral; do you believe it yourself? Oh, they already exist... That's going to cost a lot then! It's not that bad, you say. Tell me... Sealwise WCB, the nam...

Record decline economy second quarter

18 August 2020

The Dutch economy shrank by 8.5% in the second quarter compared to the previous quarter. The decline was smaller than expected, according to ABN AMRO. The fall was also significantly less than the average decline in the ...

Coronavirus not resistant to gastric juices

17 August 2020

Since the outbreak of the corona crisis, all containers containing meat, fish and shellfish from China are invariably inspected. According to virologist Johan Neyts (KU Leuven), there is only a small chance of catching t...

Dutch people overestimate food expenditure

13 August 2020

The Dutch overestimate how much money they spend on food. The average Dutchman expects to spend about 24% of the household income on food. This is apparent from representative research among 1560 people commissioned by L...

The food100 list of 2020

12 August 2020

Over the past few weeks, an independent professional jury has been busy assessing more than 300 applications for the food100 list. A list of established leaders and up-and-coming talent who are working daily for a better...

Team WUR scores with vision on food system in 2050

11 August 2020

Two researchers from Wageningen Imke de Boer and Evelien de Olde and their team are one of the ten finalists of the prestigious Food System Vision Prize. Their team comes up with a holistic vision of a healthy and circul...

Foodbytes: The new normal for the food system

06 August 2020

As we continue to see the world adjust to an ongoing pandemic, it’s clear that the outbreak of COVID-19 has created profound change in the global food system. While the outlook continues to fluctuate by the day, many asp...

Meat tax back on the menu

05 August 2020

We have been eating more meat since 2016, according to research and consultancy firm CE Delft. Despite information on the negative effects of meat consumption in various areas. According to CE Delft, price is still th...

Introduction database food contact materials

05 August 2020

Both producers of packaging materials and food businesses have to comply with EU legislation on food contact materials, including packaging materials. Establishing that the packaging you use is safe is a tough job. Riskp...

Plan B for manufacturers in corona crisis

04 August 2020

The corona measures brought restaurants, cafes and catering to a standstill with a shock. Part of the sector is back to work. Little attention was paid to the manufacturers faced with the loss of demand in the foodservic...

LTO: Consumers do not yet pay for sustainability

04 August 2020

The existence of farmers and horticulturists is at risk because of the ever higher legal and regulatory requirements. If the government and customers want the agricultural sector to become even more sustainable, this is ...

40% of large food producers enter the vegetable market

30 July 2020

A four-year investor engagement with 25 giant food retailers and manufacturers, led by the FAIRR investor network, has found that two in five global food giants with combined annual revenues of $459 billion now have dedi...

ABN AMRO launches management book for entrepreneurs after corona

30 July 2020

Many entrepreneurs are struggling with the far-reaching consequences of the corona crisis. They have to adapt to a new reality and sometimes even reinvent themselves. But how do you do that and where should you start? To...

Rabobank: More uncertainties ahead for pork

29 July 2020

Covid-19 brings many uncertainties to the global pork market. With various disruptions to the supply chain, Rabobank has revised down pork production for 2020 in major producing countries. “Labor shortages, operationa...