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New offensive against packaging waste

State Secretary Van Veldhoven of Infrastructure and Water Management, together with producers, is launching a new offensive against packaging waste. She wrote this to the House of Representatives on Thursday 2 July. The ..

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25% market share for local food

22 June 2020

"It is possible to achieve a 25% market share of local food within five years," says Drees Peter van den Bosch, chairman of the Taskforce Korte Keten on the basis of the report 'More food from the short chain'. Currently...

Slaughtering at night when it's hot isn't allowed yet

19 June 2020

Pig slaughterhouses should be able to start slaughtering earlier in the night in warm weather, otherwise the temperature will rise too high. This is what various organisations, companies and stakeholders say to the NOS. ...

Thermo King launches Advancer

19 June 2020

Thermo King® announced the Advancer, a groundbreaking new version of the trailer cooling unit, on 18 June 2020. With fully variable airflow, unrivalled fuel efficiency and significantly lower cost of ownership, the Advan...

K+G Wetter introduces new mixed wolf

19 June 2020

The new K + G Wetter mixing wolf enables "dead space-free" mixing and a homogeneous mixing result. The machines from K + G Wetter are convincing because of their application-oriented and technically advanced solutions...

Corona-proof construction and production

18 June 2020

How are architects of industrial buildings and distribution centres preparing for the '1.5 meters era'? "There's only one real solution against corona and that's a factory without people. A robot doesn't get corona. This...

HelloFresh: The Dutch don't eat enough vegetables

18 June 2020

Three out of four Dutch people eat over 90 grams too few vegetables a day. This is shown in a recent survey of 1000 respondents from HelloFresh. 21.8 percent of the respondents indicated that they 'do not need any more v...

Roem van Yerseke and Prins & Dingemanse merge

18 June 2020

Roem van Yerseke and the Royal Prince & Dingemanse will merge. The family businesses both specialise in the cultivation, processing and packaging of fresh mussels, oysters and shrimps and continue under the name Roem...

Consequences of corona contamination in slaughterhouses

18 June 2020

Daily news about corona infections in the food industry, not only in meat processors, but also in the fruit sector has been affected. Stay informed via our timeline.  18 Juni 2020 Largest slaughterhouse of Tönnies ...

ESPERA Digital Days

17 June 2020

Due to the great success of Espera's Interpack Online Webinars, the company is organizing an online event for the 2nd time this year: "ESPERA Digital Days". Flexible, informative, digital, free of charge and completely o...

Ísey Skyr is taking on Nutri-Score

17 June 2020

In July Ísey Skyr will start placing the Nutri-Score on their products. This makes the company one of the first brands in the Netherlands to use the Nutri-Score. All products from Ísey Skyr are rated A.  "By bein...

Tavola to 21-23 March 2021

16 June 2020

Considering the international character of Tavola, the clear demand of the exhibitors, the long preparation time and many of today's uncertain factors, it was decided to move Tavola to 21-22-23 March 2021, and so proceed...

Foodwatch launches manifest against the sale of science

16 June 2020

Foodwatch launches a manifesto against the sale of science as the start of a large-scale campaign. This is in response to the increasing public-private partnership and the risks this entails. Foodwatch has formulated con...

EU consumers want to eat more sustainably

15 June 2020

How much attention do you pay to the impact of your food choices on the environment? Are you willing to cut down on red meat? Is the government doing enough to promote sustainable food? Those are some of the questions se...

Glass sphere

15 June 2020

The corona-lockdowns are slowly being lifted. Carefully we step back into the big wide world. A world marked by new boundaries. How do they progress? We don't know. To me the spring with the world locked up was silent...

Miranda Groot Zwaaftink: 'Conversion to natural refrigerants'

15 June 2020

Where food is processed, a cooling installation is in use. Thanks to new techniques, the possibilities now extend far beyond just cooling and freezing. The transition to natural refrigerants is also contributing to the a...