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Slaughtering at night when it's hot isn't allowed yet

Pig slaughterhouses should be able to start slaughtering earlier in the night in warm weather, otherwise the temperature will rise too high. This is what various organisations, companies and stakeholders say to the NOS. ..

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A close eye on packaging and labels

05 March 2019

Shortly before Christmas last year, the NVWA published its annual plan for 2019. This year the regulator is examining food safety, deceptive packaging and the accuracy of labels, with a focus on industrial companies. Law...

The power of packaging

05 March 2019

Product packaging is like the entrance to a beautiful building. It is the first impression you give the visitor. Packaging and selling go hand in hand. Selling means encouraging to buy and beautiful packaging does exactl...

Packaging is a special thing

05 March 2019

The role of the Knowledge Institute of Sustainable Packaging has changed. It is increasingly becoming a partner in business, a logical consequence of the social pressure that has arisen with respect to packaging. Directo...

Food-safe packaging

05 March 2019

The packaging of your product is more than just attractive wrapping that facilitates sales, and that certainly applies to fresh products. The packaging also contributes to the shelf life of your product. And therefore fo...

Print comeback

04 March 2019

Five years ago I took the plunge into entrepreneurship with the takeover of the Food Industry magazine and the OSV. I was often questioned about my investment in print. "Print is a fading business that won't last much lo...

Halal producten exporteren

28 February 2019

De markt voor halalproducten groeit wereldwijd sterk. Als je halal producten wilt exporteren dan krijg je te maken met bepaalde certificeringseisen. Het kan zijn dat er handelingen of processen aangepast moeten worden bi...

"Circular business practices are possible"

04 February 2019

"After the initial growth phase, it is time that the circular economy grows up and is rolled out on a larger scale”, says Jan Jonker, Professor in Sustainable Entrepreneurship. "We are on a train but have to work hard to...

Sustainable preservation of mankind

04 February 2019

Sustainability: a wonderful concept, but how to handle it? People, there is so much more going on than just the rise of the sea level. Let’s just spend 254 billion and we no longer have to worry about the CO2 reductio...

Look before you jump!

04 February 2019

More and more people say that they care about products being sustainable, animal-friendly, and environmentally friendly. Companies and manufacturers use quality labels to show their customers that they meet this demand. ...

The courage to choose

04 February 2019

The VAT on food products has been increased from 6 to 9%. The result is that, more or less everywhere, products in supermarkets have become 3% more expensive. But more costs are rising. Think about the personnel costs wh...

Force majeure

04 February 2019

I was following the news about the huge amount of snow in Austria and was happy that I was not there. I can still remember myself thinking 'Luckily we don't have that kind of horrible weather in our tiny, rainy country.....

Ignoring is no longer an option

04 February 2019

When you start talking about sustainability, you already know the outcome: a heated discussion! It will soon be all about 'the things we shouldn't be doing any more'. Eating meat on a daily basis, flying to a far-away de...

Change in NVWA rates 2019

24 December 2018

The fees charged by the Dutch Food and Product Authority (NVWA) to companies for inspections, re-inspections, system supervision, certification, sampling and analysis will change on January 1, 2019. The rates of the N...

Preventieakkoord ook voor levensmiddelen

03 December 2018

Het Nationaal Preventieakkoord, is door Marian Geluk ondertekend namens de Nederlandse levensmiddelenindustrie. De levensmiddelensector committeert zich met deze handtekening aan concrete maatregelen om minder calorieën ...


13 November 2018

Automation, digitisation, and robotisation all offer exceptionally practical tools and solutions, also for the food industry. Solutions that will help to increase the efficiency and reduce costs, that will give a better ...