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A half-cooked hamburger with fried onions on a soft bread roll... A cardboard plate with three slightly charred satays, barely visible under a splatter of peanut sauce... The vague uneasiness whether it is safe, washed a..

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A new ‘FrieslandCampina feeling’

10 June 2014

Last year Geke Naaktgeboren, director of quality assurance & safety at FrieslandCampina, won the Quality Manager in Food 2013 award. According to the judging panel, she has “succeeded in significantly improving the q...

Quality is a people thing

10 June 2014

I love forests and heathland, and I feel blessed to live on the edge of the Veluwezoom national park. A half-hour run takes me to the viewpoint at the top of the hill called the Posbank, and on an early Sunday-morning tr...

LEGO-ising construction

10 June 2014

The construction industry has not yet reached the same stage as other industries which, once the prototype has been made, can produce millions of identical products. In the building sector things are still done different...

Who dares to take a leap of faith?

10 June 2014

An application needs technology to exist, but without an interesting application technology is nothing more than a shiny piece of metal. It is at this interface between the application and the technology that innovation ...


10 June 2014

On Thursday 22 May 2014, the OSV visited the La Trappe brewery. It is unbelievably difficult to plan activities that don’t clash with trade fairs or holidays, and that was the case with this trip too: our visit to La Tra...

Veilig voedsel van boer tot bord

13 May 2014

One of the basic principles of the current food safety policy is the ‘from farm to fork’ approach, based on risk analysis and traceability from raw materials through to end products. For all critical phases in the food p...

Altijd een aanknopingspunt

13 May 2014

We can look back on the golf day as yet another success; as if someone was smiling down on us, we had fantastic weather, enjoyed the wonderful golf facilities and even got a little tanned. 34 people headed out onto the c...

'Let's connect to change education'

13 May 2014

Headed up by Professor Evert-Jan Ulrich, the Innovation and Development chair at HAS University of Applied Sciences is focusing on new approaches to education and innovative entrepreneurialism. Evert-Jan was inaugurated ...

Future prospect with generation z

13 May 2014

Today, we’re living in a globally connected world: it’s the world of  ‘Generation Z’, those born those born from the late 90s onwards. What  typifies this generation is that they are constantly online, no matte...

Origin labelling

15 April 2014

There is still much debate about the need to provide details of the origin of ‘meat used as an ingredient’ on food labels. In the future, it may become mandatory to indicate the origin of all meat used in meat preparatio...

not only the 'small print' needs to be bigger

15 April 2014

The transition period lasts until 13 December 2014, and from 14 December it will be mandatory for all foods sold in the European Union to comply with Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011. Unfortunately for marketing departments...

Making an impression

15 April 2014

On 1 April 2014 (and this is not a joke!) I joined 23 OSV members on a visit to Peutz BV. The company’s laboratories for acoustics, wind technology and building physics made a great impression on all those present. It wa...

Wake-up call!

15 April 2014

The European Union appears largely self-sufficient in basic foodstuffs. Therefore, the food security of the EU seems assured. However, appearances can be deceptive: the EU is relatively poor in terms of raw materials for...

Misleiden - verleiden

15 April 2014

On 26 March, the Dutch Safety Board published a report on the risks in the meat chain (Risico’s in de Vleesketen) which identified important bottlenecks in the meat chain and how it is monitored by the Netherlands Food a...

Stay up to date!

03 January 2014

The food sector is certainly dynamic. You can’t stand still, even if you want to: regulatory and legislative changes force you to stay up to date. State Secretary Dijksma from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Edit...