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European opposition to Nutri-Score

The European Ministers of Agriculture sat together on Monday 21 September 2020 to discuss a plan for the import of Nutri-Score across Europe. Such a uniform nutrition label should be in place by the end of 2022 as part o..

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Interview Jos Havekotte, Innovatiemanager VION

18 November 2014

Jos Havekotte is passionate about food, especially fresh food, and people. “Food equals emotion. By adding a story to that, you create an experience.” As Innovation Manager at Vion, he is a ‘linchpin of the organisation’...

Stimulating adults to continue learning

18 November 2014

While we were compiling this edition of FoodInBusiness (which is focused on the topic of HR & training), it was announced that the Dutch Ministerial Council had approved the proposal by Minister Bussemaker of Educati...


14 October 2014

Trade-show season is upon us once again. For me, it’s a time for relationship management. With so many partners and contacts at each event, I have countless conversations: a brief chat about how things are going and any ...

Less bread in the bin!

14 October 2014

Ten captains of industry have been specially invited to submit a food waste issue for the Stop food Waste Symposium (6 November in Amsterdam); ten conceptual thinkers will consider the issues and devise solutions to them...

World Food Day

14 October 2014

16 October 2014 was World Food Day. A day to celebrate the pleasure that food can give us, but also to focus on the challenges we face in terms of providing a well-balanced diet for the world’s population. It is a topic ...

Advocating Food Design

14 October 2014

Developing and launching new products involves technology, science and manufacturing (the ’hard side’) on the one hand, and food design and marketing (the ‘soft side’) on the other. As a product developer, I’m often posi...

The innovation process

09 September 2014

An idea is merely air. You can dream about it, fantasise about it and talk about it, but that’s as far as it goes. Plus no idea is ever unique. Somewhere in the world, at least one other person will have identified the s...

Autumnal tumult

09 September 2014

We kicked off the European vacation period with our Summer Barbecue. It was well-attended with a lively vibe and the food was oh so tasty: our networking barbecues are always one of the highlights of the year. And becaus...


09 September 2014

Software programs that are ever-more closely aligned with one another, high-tech cameras that perform a better final inspection on food production lines or help to robotise slaughterhouse activities, cybersecurity: we ca...

A new ‘FrieslandCampina feeling’

10 June 2014

Last year Geke Naaktgeboren, director of quality assurance & safety at FrieslandCampina, won the Quality Manager in Food 2013 award. According to the judging panel, she has “succeeded in significantly improving the q...

Quality is a people thing

10 June 2014

I love forests and heathland, and I feel blessed to live on the edge of the Veluwezoom national park. A half-hour run takes me to the viewpoint at the top of the hill called the Posbank, and on an early Sunday-morning tr...

LEGO-ising construction

10 June 2014

The construction industry has not yet reached the same stage as other industries which, once the prototype has been made, can produce millions of identical products. In the building sector things are still done different...

Who dares to take a leap of faith?

10 June 2014

An application needs technology to exist, but without an interesting application technology is nothing more than a shiny piece of metal. It is at this interface between the application and the technology that innovation ...


10 June 2014

On Thursday 22 May 2014, the OSV visited the La Trappe brewery. It is unbelievably difficult to plan activities that don’t clash with trade fairs or holidays, and that was the case with this trip too: our visit to La Tra...

Veilig voedsel van boer tot bord

13 May 2014

One of the basic principles of the current food safety policy is the ‘from farm to fork’ approach, based on risk analysis and traceability from raw materials through to end products. For all critical phases in the food p...