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Ojah: quality meat alternatives with Plenti ProFiber

Dutch manufacturer Ojah BV. has launched its newest high moisture texture, Plenti ProFiber™, enabling food manufacturers to develop and produce plant-based alternatives or hybrid products with their existing machinery. ..

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Cooling/freezing and CO2 reduction

10 June 2019

You get the highest return on your cooling installation at night. What do we do with solar panels on the roof of a cold store? Use them to freeze during the day! If the cold store is 25 m high, you only get about a quart...

Authentic Asian meal preparation

10 June 2019

Conditioning needs to be extremely on point when it comes to daily fresh meal preparation. Padifood, which processes many fresh ingredients for authentic Asian ready-made meals, commissioned Prodoor to renovate industria...

Arcadis, Fresh in Food

10 June 2019

We are a guest at Arcadis in Zwolle. In a modern office building which, accidentally or not, also houses the NVWA, we visit a relatively new part of the country’s largest consultancy and engineering organisation: Arcadis...

Ambition, transition and instruction

10 June 2019

Building a new warehouse and extra production for a food processing company requires controlling routing with specific installations for completion. Bouwteam P&O and Alsta Nassau joined forces to ensure their client’...

Necessary evil

10 June 2019

Biodiversity on earth has fallen drastically in recent years. In the Netherlands and elsewhere, at least 613 animal species have disappeared since 1900. The main cause: HUMANS. Forest clearing, road construction, trade i...

OUTSTANDING cold store

10 June 2019

Potato processing company Aviko is realising an automated high-rise cold store next to the factory in Steenderen. They are aiming for BREEAM-NL ‘Outstanding’. During the preliminary phase, they have taken the time to ens...

Insulate and receive a subsidy

10 June 2019

The new generation of high-speed spiral doors from EFAFLEX are specially designed to combat energy loss. All doors come standard with thermal break slats and PU foam insulation filling: the EFA-THERM® insulation slat.&nb...

New Construction

10 June 2019

The Dutch construction sector is doing well, and the food sector is following suit. New laws and regulations are an incentive for investments. Because everything needs to be more sustainable, better quality, gasless, mor...

Wageningen Food Safety Research launched

04 June 2019

Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR) was launched on 1 June 2019. WFSR is the new institute for food safety in the Netherlands. The new organization is a merger of RIKILT Wageningen University & Research and the La...

‘Dry practice helps’

07 May 2019

It took some getting used to for the twenty employees of food companies who participated in a simulation game on 5 April 2019. The simulation, organised by Willis Towers Watson in collaboration with Recall Solutions, hig...

Sugar, salt and saturated fat 2018

15 April 2019

The Dutch government increasingly wants consumers to be able to choose healthy products easily. That is why it is encouraged to make agreements about the maximum amount of salt, sugar and saturated fat in food products. ...

Herformulering; textuur grootse uitdaging

09 April 2019

Op donderdag 4 april zijn zo’n tachtig professionals uit de bakkerij- en zoetwarenbranche samengekomen voor de workshop Food Reformulation. Martijn Noort, herformuleringexpert bij de WUR: “De sleutel voor succesvol herfo...

Looking into the future

09 April 2019

I have a sad and maybe even shocking announcement to make: the Slagersvakschool, the butchery school, no longer exists! There was no other option. We could not continue any longer. 'Seriously!? But since when? And why di...

Ruys floors

08 April 2019

Ruys Vloeren B.V. is pleased to be present at their stand to inform you about decking floors that perfectly match your activities within the meat processing industry. Do you have renovation plans? Visit us for our cement...

FrieslandCampina and sustainable construction

04 April 2019

Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. is investigating opportunities for the construction of a sustainable and innovative dairy production facility in the Netherlands. The production location is intended for processing member milk...