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Ojah: quality meat alternatives with Plenti ProFiber

Dutch manufacturer Ojah BV. has launched its newest high moisture texture, Plenti ProFiber™, enabling food manufacturers to develop and produce plant-based alternatives or hybrid products with their existing machinery. ..

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Euro Caps builds third factory in Rotterdam

30 January 2020

The largest global producer of private label coffee capsules is building a brand-new factory on the Spaanse Polder industrial estate in Rotterdam. The first pile will be driven into the ground in April 2020. With this ne...

LIFE College in Finale mbo-Challenge Food waste

27 January 2020

A group of 9 students of the mbo-education Food & Technology of the Lentiz | LIFE College has been selected for the finals of the "mbo-Challenge", a national competition on the theme "Food waste". The students came u...

New DGS Haaksbergen construction started

24 January 2020

After five years DGS has grown out of the existing premises. For this reason DGS decided to build a new production location with offices across the street. "We started in Haaksbergen just over five years ago," says ow...

Unemployment comes to a standstill

07 January 2020

Both the Dutch and European unemployment rates have not fallen in recent months. The average unemployment rate in the EU countries will be 6.3 from May 2019, and the Dutch rate will be 3.5 from August. This makes the Net...

JUMP programme starts in January

19 December 2019

'Keep dreaming, start doing' is the motto of JUMP dream accelerator. This is the new annual programme that gives young food innovators the opportunity to accelerate the realisation of their dreams about the food (system)...

'The role of meat in a healthy diet'

22 November 2019

Not a yes/no discussion about meat, but a discussion based on facts about the extent to which consumers who want to eat meat can do so sustainably. Is a balance possible between nutritional value and climate pressure, so...

RIVM: New edition NEVO online

21 November 2019

The RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) recently published a new edition of the Dutch Nutrient Database (NEVO).  NEVO-online 2019 contains data on 2,152 foodstuffs. Since the previous ...

200 million for promotion of agrifood

20 November 2019

In 2020, the European Commission will allocate EUR 200.9 million to the financing of promotion activities inside and outside the European Union for agricultural products from the Member States.  The new EU policy...

Price of pork meat breaks all records

18 November 2019

The DCA Pigs Quotation has reached an all-time high on Friday, November 15. A new record has been set with a listing of € 1.84. This means that the price including VAT has broken the magic limit of € 2.00. The history...

‘Meat for Diversifying Markets’ 2019

11 November 2019

Last summer the 65th edition of the International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST) took place. In Potsdam, Germany, 494 participants gathered to share their knowledge with the other conference visitors on...

"Jan's pancake is the best thing out of the pan."

11 November 2019

Who doesn't know them, Jan's pancakes and poffertjes? Jan is made at Cerelia, founded in 1974. With more than 11 production locations, the now French former family business has grown into an international market leader o...

Consultation CLA for the meat industry is difficult

29 October 2019

The FNV, together with employers in the meat industry, wants to increase the compensation for job losses in the meat sector when farmers are allowed to keep fewer animals due to the nitrogen problem. Wage increases ...

Search for balance in ingredients

10 September 2019

Less sugar, salt and fat – more natural products and ingredients. Less meat and other animal proteins – more vegetal alternatives. Fewer pesticides and CO2 emission – more attention to nature and the climate. All in all,...

Rejuvenation warrants continuity at Bessels

10 September 2019

Bessels architekten & engineers has its 40th anniversary in October. ‘My ambition is to continue for many more years’, says founder and owner Herman Bessels, who will be 70 soon. But he does not do this on his own: a...

Product information has become more transparent

10 September 2019

Food products consist of ingredients that have a combined value. Nutritional value, of course, there is more. Such as the emotional value and CO2 value. For the creation of value, marketing and transparency, reliable pro...