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Ojah: quality meat alternatives with Plenti ProFiber

Dutch manufacturer Ojah BV. has launched its newest high moisture texture, Plenti ProFiber™, enabling food manufacturers to develop and produce plant-based alternatives or hybrid products with their existing machinery. ..

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Trends, bottlenecks and visions of the future

10 March 2015

Clean label, reformulations, organic, allergen-free, sustainability: the food industry cannot afford to ignore these topics. This article features contributions from five food manufacturers who talk about their approach,...

Replacing regular salt with mineral salt

10 March 2015

Snijders Vleeswaren from Born is keen to stick to its traditional preparation methods, while the market is demanding healthier products with lower salt and fat contents. “That’s no easy task,” says the company director, ...

Pioneering with plant-based proteins

10 March 2015

A clear tendency is visible: compared with 20 years ago, more consumers are prepared to replace meat in their meals with a plant-based protein product nowadays. Hence, much research is being done around the world into th...

More sustainability in construction

10 February 2015

Sustainability…it seems to be the magic word in all market sectors. It is an essential topic for the food chain since the global demand for food is set to rise dramatically in the years ahead. So KIM Nederland has suffic...

Rodent-proof construction

18 November 2014

Vermin exclusion is an increasingly important aspect of food-safe construction which, although a challenging element within factory design, is not impossible. Here Cordy Volkers, project manager at Bessels Architekten &a...

Failure to facilitate training: a costly mistake

18 November 2014

Companies who facilitate training invest both in their business and in their employees, generating significant benefits. Investing in the quality of their people enables organisations to meet the needs of their customers...

Great Italian Food Trade

18 November 2014

"Food and beverages made in Italy". It sounds easy, but it is difficult to distinguish true excellence in the vast expanse of products that drive the global market. GIFT – Great Italian Food Trade, the international port...

New collective agreement temporary workers

18 November 2014

After intensive negotiations, the Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU) and the trade unions FNV Bondgenoten, CNV Dienstenbond, De Unie and LBV have reached a deal on the changes to the current collective...

Recruiting, motivating and developing

18 November 2014

The food industry is facing a shortage of technologists, and well-qualified operators are in high demand. It is important to provide training: if you fail to do so, you risk losing out to your competitors. Read on to lea...

Supporting the positive evolution of the company culture

18 November 2014

Vergeer Holland is proof that innovation is always possible, even with a traditional product such as cheese. The company’s product range is evolving all the time, and so too it its workforce: employees have plenty of opp...

Interview Jos Havekotte, Innovatiemanager VION

18 November 2014

Jos Havekotte is passionate about food, especially fresh food, and people. “Food equals emotion. By adding a story to that, you create an experience.” As Innovation Manager at Vion, he is a ‘linchpin of the organisation’...

Carbohydrates: polymeric possibilities

14 October 2014

In order to ensure that food products on shelves are both healthy and of a consistently high quality, Prof Dr Henk Schols conducts research into the structure of individual carbohydrates. Carbohydrates in our food pro...

What makes your product unique?

09 September 2014

Catch-On creative communication introduces the new B2B approach Spice Up Your Product. Together with master chef Angélique Schmeinck we make a culinary mindmap of your product. With this mindmap you can create in no time...

Aanbeveling Efaflex roldeur

09 September 2014

De hygiënische snelroldeur, de EFAFLEX SRT-Easy Clean, is speciaal ontwikkeld voor de voedingsmiddelenindustrie en extra schone of natte ruimtes. Dankzij de scharnierbare zijkappen en draaibare afdekkappen is deze deur z...

AFIM Iglo airdoor

09 September 2014

The AFIM Iglo airdoor has lots of benefits: Optimum separation of temperatures in two climate zones Lower energy cost. Clear transport passage between two spaces. Optimum seal right up to the floor. Warmth ...