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Poster Meat, Fish and Fruit&Vegetable

Via the trade journal Voedingsindustrie we distribute the poster MEAT, FISH and  Fruit & Vegetable . Because of the great demand, we also have these posters available online. Download them here without any obligation. ..

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Business premises improves logistics

10 June 2019

The Kippie franchise formula began in the early ‘90s. From a hypermodern business premises, the franchisees will be even better served as of May of next year. RBK Food Projects, part of the RBK Group*, is overseeing the ...

Authentic Asian meal preparation

10 June 2019

Conditioning needs to be extremely on point when it comes to daily fresh meal preparation. Padifood, which processes many fresh ingredients for authentic Asian ready-made meals, commissioned Prodoor to renovate industria...

Logistics solutions from Kortlever

08 April 2019

As a specialist for the meat processing industry, this year the family business from Meerkerk presents technical applications for cutting and processing meat and solutions for internal and end line logistics. During the ...

Volta conveyor belts

08 April 2019

Volta hygienic conveyor materials are very robust, cut and impact resistant. Driven by increasing market demand, Volta has developed a Food Grade X-Ray and metal detectable belt material. With the Volta MD material, Q&am...

Volautomatisch traysealen

25 February 2019

Al meer dan 30 jaar is Tramper Technology actief in de ontwikkeling en productie van machines (traysealers) en complete productielijnen voor de voedingsmiddelenindustrie. De Tramper S-340 is een kleine, volautomatisch...

Dotec introduces new generation of lifting aids

25 February 2019

For over 25 years Dotec has been a specialist in the design and production of user-friendly lifting aids. They deliver reliable turn-key solutions that focus on ergonomics, safety, efficiency and process optimisation. Un...

Go fleximatizing with TechNikkels

25 February 2019

TechNikkels is a Dutch manufacturer of innovative packaging machines for the supply, filling and sealing of bottles, jars, (Jerry-)cans and American folding boxes. "To achieve a substantially higher return on your fillin...

Lifting solutions from TAWI

25 February 2019

TAWI is a reliable partner and total supplier of ergonomic lifting systems. With their crane track systems, vacuum lifters, hoists and mobile lifts, they offer complete solutions. Whether you have a lot of space or li...

Product development Romédes Specials

25 February 2019

In response to the demand in the market, Romédes Specials B.V. has started to develop a palletising installation that can be built with the following features: stacking or de-stacking, 3-6 axes; compact for small floor a...

Hygienic conveyors

25 February 2019

Are you working in a food processing industry and looking for a solution to transport food? Then Van Rijn has the solution. "We have specialised in the hygienic design, not only of the belt but also of the frame and use....

New: versatile stacking bins for intralogistics

25 February 2019

Schiphorst Transport and Storage Technology introduces new versatile Basicline stacking bins for intralogistics. The spacious 800x600 mm stacking bins are available in different heights (from 120 mm up to 420 mm) and can...

Efficient packaging and damage-free delivery

25 February 2019

With the fast, ever-changing supply chain environment, you need packaging machines that are flexible, easy to use, and able to keep up with the growing market. But you also need to ensure that the products you ship arriv...

Zero emission delivery

28 January 2019

Bolscher more than meat is the first supplier to supply the catering industry in the city centre of Enschede and Hengelo with conditioned, zero emission cars. These Streetscooters, type Work XL, drive 100% electric and t...

Jumbo, food and soccer

08 October 2018

On 8 November Food Industry Experts launches its first knowledge event. This annual event is exclusively for entrepreneurs of food producing companies. Be inspired this year by Björn Kuipers; supermarket entrepreneur ...

Crate washing far below standard

17 September 2018

At least 56% of the companies do not carry out hygiene inspections after cleaning crates for food and goods. This is the conclusion of independent research into the hygiene and quality level of crate washing in the Nethe...