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GEA's first mobile test centre for New Food

Do you want to generate proof-of-concept without investing in your own pilot plant? This is now possible with the complete, mobile and modular industrial test units from GEA. For testing various products in cultivation a..

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UK wants health certificate for dairy imports

11 February 2021

Dutch dairy products must carry a health certificate to be allowed into the UK from 1 April. Active enforcement and monitoring on the British side of the border starts from 1 July.  Waiting days The veterinary...

Explosive material in the food industry

09 February 2021

Homemade explosives are a common weapon for terrorists and other criminals. This is due to the relatively free availability of many raw materials. The availability of these substances is limited by EU regulation 2019/114...

Mandatory European food choice logo? Not before 2023

09 February 2021

The European Commission has asked the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) to provide scientific advice to support the development of a future EU-wide system of mandatory nutrition labeling on packaging. They are al...

ProVeg in action against plant-based dairy censorship

25 January 2021

The European Union wants to censor plant-based alternatives to dairy. Even the word 'dairy-free' may soon be prohibited. ProVeg takes action against Amendment 171. ProVeg launched a petition, calling on the European C...

Takeover of Johma salads

23 December 2020

IK Investment Partners (“IK”) is pleased to announce that the IK VII Fund has reached an agreement to sell Signature Foods (“the Company”) to Pamplona Capital Management (“Pamplona”). Financial terms of the transaction a...

Major step forward for cultured meat industry

03 December 2020

Singapore has become the first country on Earth to approve cultured meat for commercial sale. On Wednesday, December 2nd, the Singapore Food Agency said that the cultured chicken produced by San Francisco-based start-up ...

Vegaburger is allowed, but cheese alternative is banned

23 October 2020

The European Parliament today voted against a ban on the use of product names such as 'veggie burger' and 'vegan sausage', but in favour of a ban on descriptions such as 'vegetable alternative to yoghurt'. Terms such ...

Changing the rules to prevent food waste

12 October 2020

Major steps still need to be taken to halve food waste by 2030, but legislation and regulations sometimes hinder this. When entrepreneurs want to make an effort to waste as little as possible and value residual flows opt...

RI&E: the way to healthy and safe work

12 October 2020

As an entrepreneur, you know how valuable your employees are to the success of your company. That is why you want to protect them against accidents, illness and drop-outs. Not only for them, but also for the future of yo...

100,00 signatures against veganburger ban

06 October 2020

The petition against the veganburger ban reached the milestone of 100,000 signatures last Sunday, 4 October 2020. The ProVeg Foundation wants to prevent a new EU law from banning names of meat substitutes such as 'vegan ...

European opposition to Nutri-Score

24 September 2020

The European Ministers of Agriculture sat together on Monday 21 September 2020 to discuss a plan for the import of Nutri-Score across Europe. Such a uniform nutrition label should be in place by the end of 2022 as part o...

Slaughtering at night when it's hot isn't allowed yet

19 June 2020

Pig slaughterhouses should be able to start slaughtering earlier in the night in warm weather, otherwise the temperature will rise too high. This is what various organisations, companies and stakeholders say to the NOS. ...

Declaration of Conformity for food contact materials

15 June 2020

Food products are in prolonged contact with packaging material. That is why strict legal requirements apply to ensure the safety of the packaged food. For example, a 'Declaration of Conformity' must be available for each...

The pitfalls of seduction (3)

15 June 2020

Marketing is seduction and that involves a certain exaggeration. But exaggeration is not without risks: seduction can turn into deception. And that is forbidden.  Consumer organisations have been calling for year...

Unilever 100 procent brits

11 June 2020

Unilever announced 11 June 2020 plans to unify its Group legal structure under a single parent company, Unilever PLC, creating a simpler company with greater strategic flexibility, that is better positioned for future su...