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Robotic technology is here; sector hesitates

If it were up to Erik Pekkeriet, human hands would make way for robots as much as possible in the production process. It can provide manufacturers with flexibility and leads to fresher and more sustainable food. Accor..

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"Circular business practices are possible"

04 February 2019

"After the initial growth phase, it is time that the circular economy grows up and is rolled out on a larger scale”, says Jan Jonker, Professor in Sustainable Entrepreneurship. "We are on a train but have to work hard to...

'Your new employer is a robot'

13 November 2018

It's still hard to imagine, but in about ten to fifteen years, many people will be largely replaced by robots and artificial intelligence in many organisations. "That is good news! Provided that we take on the developmen...

Nadia Menkveld: 'Food is politics'

09 October 2018

What are the effects of the growing populism in Italy on our fishing industry? And how does a decision made in the Kremlin affect a Dutch foodstuffs packaging company? These questions are part of the work territory of Na...

‘Digital techniques play an increasingly larger part’

11 September 2018

Interview with Joost Blankestijn Digitally controlled food production enables innovations that were, until recently, unheard of: personalised food, vegetable protein with the bite of meat and new shapes, tastes and st...

‘Involve experts in the reformulation of your products'

12 June 2018

Food producers in the Netherlands need to make their products less salty, sweet and greasy. A lot less, in order to make Dutch people healthier. And that ‘need’ is not determined by law, but by themselves. The producers ...

“I’m arguing for large-scale waste stream efforts”

08 May 2018

We have to end the linear model in the meat supply chain, where everything is centred on efficiency and intensity. That is the opinion of WUR researcher Toine Timmermans. In his opinion, we should import less soya and ut...

Fred van de Velde: “There needs to be more plant-based protein”

09 April 2018

In order to provide all the people in the world with food in the future, it is necessary that they obtain a large portion of the proteins that they consume, from plant sources. Fred van Velde leads the research that NIZO...

Roland ten Klooster: Becoming more sustainable by taking small steps

05 March 2018

Roland ten Klooster is a packaging consultant and professor by special appointment of Packaging Design and Management. When he was studying industrial design in the 1980s, food packaging design in the Netherlands was a s...

Slow Food Youth Network puts food issues on the map

06 February 2018

If it is necessary, they will take a stand—but never without a well-founded message. Even though its founders are leaving the nest, professionalisation at the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) presses on. SFYN is a having i...

The fresh food store of 2025

11 December 2017

Do you have passion for your products and for your store? Do you know where your power lies, and do you acknowledge your weaknesses? Do you dare to change, do you want to keep learning? Are your products good and differe...

Blockchain in the food sector

14 November 2017

The term ‘blockchain’ is creating a buzz in the food industry. Some people are enthusiastically claiming that it has the potential to radically change the sector, leading to substantial investment in the technology by ma...

Rob Morren: Trends in the food sector

10 October 2017

How will Brexit and the policies of the new Dutch cabinet affect the already extremely dynamic food sector? And which trends can we expect to see in 2018? Rob Morren, Sector Banker Food at ABN AMRO, looks ahead: “It’s wi...

Key task: ensuring that the right agriculture is in the right place

11 September 2017

Earlier this year Prof. Dr. Ir. Rudy Rabbinge won the Rachel Carson prize, which is awarded once every five years by VVM, a Dutch network of environmental professionals. From 2001 to 2011, Rudy Rabbinge was a professor a...

‘The correct product data is essential for customers’

10 July 2017

Dutch grocery chain Albert Heijn is a staunch supporter and advocate of the GS1 DatakwaliTijd 2.0 data quality programme and demands that its suppliers comply with the programme requirements – because only then can retai...

‘In-line printing is really taking off'

06 March 2017

Five years ago, Dick de Koning and Johan Glaser founded PACKZ. The duo regularly attend packaging-related trade fairs and conferences around the world. They enjoy sharing the knowledge they have acquired – by organising ...