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More fruit and vegetables outside the home

In the first half of 2022, Dutch people ate almost the same amount of fresh vegetables and fruit as last year. As a result of the removal of corona measures, people are eating more outside the home. Restaurants and cater..

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FWS wants a broad sugar tax as soon as possible

26 August 2022

The fresh drinks sector (FWS) is calling on the Cabinet and the House of Representatives not to implement the doubling of the consumption tax on soft drinks before 2023, but instead to introduce a smart soft drinks tax a...

Number of pesticides on strawberries increased

27 July 2022

In a survey of pesticides in strawberries from supermarkets 2022, the average number of substances found per sample and the average content have increased slightly compared to 2021. Despite all the sustainability program...

Processed meat increases risk of colorectal cancer

13 July 2022

There is a link between exposure to nitrate and nitrite, including through eating processed meat, and the risk of colon cancer. This is according to an opinion of the French health agency, Anses. The French government pr...

VAT reduction on fruit and vegetables in 2024

06 July 2022

The government aims to introduce a VAT reduction on fruit and vegetables in 2024. A feasibility study must be completed by early 2023. At the moment, there is no definition of fruit and vegetables for VAT purposes. Befor...

FAVV: Residues on fruit and vegetables not harmful

16 June 2022

Residues from plant protection products on fruit and vegetables do not constitute a danger to our health, according to the FAVV (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain). This conclusion follows from an analysis ...

WUR: Revision of dietary guidelines necessary

16 June 2022

Dietary guidelines issued by national governments aim to set a roadmap for healthy living. But a new international study published in Lancet Planetary Health challenges national dietary guidelines assessments to include ...

Fermentation: the road to global health

15 June 2022

Fermented foods and beverages have a long history in human nutrition with evidence of fermentation dating back thousands of years. They are currently experiencing a clear resurgence generated by demands for traditional, ...

NAPV information campaign starts: 'Every step counts'.

07 June 2022

On 28 June 2022, during a digital meeting, State Secretary Van Ooijen will give the go-ahead for an information campaign about the National Product Improvement Approach (NAPV), under the motto: 'Every step counts. Togeth...

Harmful pesticides on fruit and vegetables increased

02 June 2022

European citizens have been exposed to a dramatic rise in the frequency and intensity of residues of the most toxic pesticides on fruits and vegetables sold in the EU, according to a report by PAN Europe. The report cont...

Veggie Smooth Winner Food Boost Challenge

25 May 2022

On Tuesday 24 May 2022 was the final of the Food Boost Challenge. On the stage in the World Horti Center 10 student teams pitched their idea for enticing young people to eat more fruit and vegetable products. Veggie Smoo...

'There is little supervision of mechanically separated meat'

21 April 2022

A new opinion poll commissioned by Foodwatch shows that 72% of consumers do not know what mechanically separated meat (MSM) is. 74% of respondents do not know which products contain MSM. Foodwatch claims that the State i...

Earlier and more effective communication about product improvement

21 April 2022

The House of Representatives requests the government, together with food producers, to draw up alternatives for earlier and more effective communication about product improvement, within the framework of European legisla...

COV: Meat tax will be counterproductive

01 April 2022

The idea of a meat tax is counterproductive in terms of both public health and the sectors' sustainability agenda. This is according to the organisations in the meat sector, united in the Meat Coalition, in response to a...

NVB: Bread deserves a 0% VAT rate

30 March 2022

The bakery industry has already taken a number of successful steps to guarantee the health of Dutch citizens. In order to reinforce the industry's actions, steps must also be taken by the government. A low VAT rate makes...

Microplastics found in human bloodstream

28 March 2022

A research team has become the first to demonstrate that plastic particles from our living environment end up in the human bloodstream. The results of the research project, called Immunoplast, were published on 24 March ...