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Total copper intakes below new safe level

Combined exposure to copper from all sources does not pose health concerns for the EU population, say EFSA’s scientific experts. Excessive copper retention in the body over time could be toxic for humans, especially t..

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Aged meat not riskier than fresh meat

23 January 2023

Aged meat does not pose any additional risks compared to fresh meat if it is aged under controlled conditions, EFSA experts concluded in a scientific opinion released recently. “Aged meat has risen in popularity in re...

Safe preservation of meat and meat substitutes without nitrite

17 January 2023

The technologists of TOP bv from Wageningen have licensed a patent on a process that prevents the growth of the ‘botulism bacteria’ Clostridium botulinum in meat, meat substitute and hybride products without having to us...

Consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables stabilises in 2022

13 January 2023

After a very sharp decline in 2020 and 2021, we ate plenty in (company) restaurants again in 2022. As a result, consumption of fruit and vegetables at home fell by three per cent in 2022. In contrast, consumption in hote...

Meal boxes: Open book or black box?

15 December 2022

Meal boxes make it easy for you with their recipes and content tailored accordingly. But do they also provide enough information to make healthy choices? That varies quite a bit. The Consumers' Association found out h...

Low nutritional quality in vegan meat big problem

12 December 2022

There are many challenges regarding the nutritional value of meat substitutes. A study from Chalmers now shows that many of the meat substitutes sold in Sweden claim a high content of iron – but in a form that cannot be ...

Children's marketing of unhealthy food legally restricted

12 December 2022

The government wants to legally restrict child marketing for unhealthy food. For healthy food and drink, advertising aimed at minors will continue to be allowed. In addition, municipalities will be given a new legal powe...

Europe scores poorly on healthy food environment policies

07 December 2022

In eleven European countries, governments should make a larger effort to support people to eat healthy by creating healthy food environments. This can be read in an The Lancet Regional Health – Europe publication. "Th...

Marjolein Brasz - CEO Foodvalley

21 November 2022

We are on a journey, towards a new balance. In 2050, we want healthy, affordable and delicious food. Sustainably produced, of course. And for the people who will be living then: a world population of no less than abou...

Foodvalley - Join the journey

21 November 2022

A typical journey with Foodvalley starts with preparatory work so that innovations can land. We identify opportunities and build perspective towards the food transition towards 2050. Sometimes it's a winding road, to ...

Foodvalley - international partnerships

21 November 2022

People around the world are working on similar themes to Foodvalley. It is crucial to pick up what is relevant, start the right collaborations to accelerate, and export concepts where appropriate. Jeroen Wouters Lea...

Foodvalley up to the plate

21 November 2022

Getting healthy, sustainable and efficiently produced food on our plates. Our experts identify promising opportunities at an early stage. With their sights set on 2050, but with application possibilities for today. To do...

NAPV criteria in practice: inspiration and discussion

15 November 2022

During the inspiration session 'NAPV criteria in practice' on 8 November 2022, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and knowledge partners showed what steps they are taking to refine the National Approach to P...

Measures to reduce PFAS in drinking water

24 October 2022

In response to the RIVM report on PFAS in drinking water, Minister Harbers (Infrastructure and Water Management) is having permits for discharges into wastewater amended. This should result in the combined discharges sta...

Supermarket is not yet a healthy food environment

18 October 2022

Unhealthy products still predominate in supermarkets' offers, range and layout. This is according to Questionmark's recently published Superlijst Gezondheid 2022. Supermarkets promised in the National Prevention Agreemen...

More fruit and vegetables outside the home

29 August 2022

In the first half of 2022, Dutch people ate almost the same amount of fresh vegetables and fruit as last year. As a result of the removal of corona measures, people are eating more outside the home. Restaurants and cater...