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GEA's first mobile test centre for New Food

Do you want to generate proof-of-concept without investing in your own pilot plant? This is now possible with the complete, mobile and modular industrial test units from GEA. For testing various products in cultivation a..

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'There is little supervision of mechanically separated meat'

21 April 2022

A new opinion poll commissioned by Foodwatch shows that 72% of consumers do not know what mechanically separated meat (MSM) is. 74% of respondents do not know which products contain MSM. Foodwatch claims that the State i...

Earlier and more effective communication about product improvement

21 April 2022

The House of Representatives requests the government, together with food producers, to draw up alternatives for earlier and more effective communication about product improvement, within the framework of European legisla...

COV: Meat tax will be counterproductive

01 April 2022

The idea of a meat tax is counterproductive in terms of both public health and the sectors' sustainability agenda. This is according to the organisations in the meat sector, united in the Meat Coalition, in response to a...

NVB: Bread deserves a 0% VAT rate

30 March 2022

The bakery industry has already taken a number of successful steps to guarantee the health of Dutch citizens. In order to reinforce the industry's actions, steps must also be taken by the government. A low VAT rate makes...

Microplastics found in human bloodstream

28 March 2022

A research team has become the first to demonstrate that plastic particles from our living environment end up in the human bloodstream. The results of the research project, called Immunoplast, were published on 24 March ...

NVWA publishes Handbook Nutrition and Health Claims

23 March 2022

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has published a Handbook on Nutrition and Health Claims. Claims can be found on food labels, but also in leaflets, on websites and in (social) media. Claims, in...

Gelderland aims to make food supply greener

09 March 2022

Entrepreneurs in the hospitality, care, catering and retail sectors in Gelderland can take part in the Gelderland of Tomorrow programme with a 50% subsidy. Under expert guidance, they can work for one or two years on off...

Only 50% of political parties serious about nutrition

09 March 2022

Healthy food and attention to a healthy, sustainable living environment are only on about half the political agendas in the municipal elections. And the approach of the parties to these issues is very fragmented. This is...

Risk assessments for microplastic within reach

11 February 2022

Researchers of Wageningen University & Research now provide the first mathematical framework to assess the risks of microplastic particles. So far, studies comparing the exposure and effects of microplastic particles...

online editie duurzame productielijnen februari 2022

07 February 2022

Veel start-ups, scale-ups en mkb-ondernemingen in de foodsector ontwikkelen nieuwe producten en innovatieve technieken voor het extraheren van eiwitten uit grondstoffen. De energieprijzen blijven maar stijgen en...

Plantcarb introduces starch with superpowers

31 January 2022

One in ten adults lives with diabetes and the number is rising fast. With diabetes being the world’s fastest growing chronic condition, we need to lower our sugar consumption. Jan Mousing, CEO of the agbiotech company Pl...

X-rays will make plant diets of the future more tasty

27 January 2022

X-rays can be used to examine the tiniest parts of food and provide us with fresh knowledge about what makes yogurt feel soft and what it takes for chocolate to have just the right snap. According to researchers at the U...

Nutri-Score to be introduced in the first half of 2022

19 January 2022

Dutch food producers are expected to be allowed to use Nutri-Score as a logo in the first half of 2022. The logo will then also be suitable for online use. For example, in webshops offering food products, according to th...

Doubts about the effect of a lower VAT rate on fruit and vegetables

19 January 2022

In theory, it is true. Lower the price of fruit and vegetables and consumers will buy more of these products and consume more. This is sorely needed, as the average Dutch person is far from achieving the target of 250 gr...

WHO warns: plant-based often unhealthy

18 January 2022

Whether for health reasons or concerns about the environment, eating less or no meat is becoming more popular around the globe. But as a new WHO/Europe factsheet points out, some plant-based meat and dairy substitutes ma...