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Antibacterial and antiviral through and through

No coating, but antibacterial and antiviral through and through: this is what Jackit has been successfully installing with Sealwise recycled panels in renovations for the food processing industry for over two years. The ..

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Industrial door systems for new cold store

08 September 2015

The construction of a new cold store for Ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, NL, was started in 2014 and completed in March 2015. Hörmann supplied and installed overhead and high-speed doors as well as lo...

Fighting fire with…petrol

08 September 2015

It might sound strange, but petrol can often be the best way of extinguishing a fire.  Most damage to a building is not caused by the fire itself, but rather in the first few minutes of a blaze – by soot. Many fi...

Specialist in airtight door systems

30 June 2015

A door ‘connoisseur’ recently described the Metaflex door as ‘the Bentley among doors’, although the company itself, based in the Dutch town of Aalten in the eastern part of the country, reacts to that comparison with ch...

Refrigeration systems in the production process

30 June 2015

Refrigeration is an essential aspect of quality management in the entire food chain, and the system should suit the production process. In most companies, however, that process evolves and changes over the years, and leg...

New location for Hutten en Zonen

12 May 2015

Hutten en Zonen intends to become the most modern and most sustainable beef slaughterhouse and meat processing company in Europe. The company opened its new production facility in the Dutch town of Heeten in early March ...

More sustainability in construction

10 February 2015

Sustainability…it seems to be the magic word in all market sectors. It is an essential topic for the food chain since the global demand for food is set to rise dramatically in the years ahead. So KIM Nederland has suffic...

Rodent-proof construction

18 November 2014

Vermin exclusion is an increasingly important aspect of food-safe construction which, although a challenging element within factory design, is not impossible. Here Cordy Volkers, project manager at Bessels Architekten &a...

Aanbeveling Efaflex roldeur

09 September 2014

De hygiënische snelroldeur, de EFAFLEX SRT-Easy Clean, is speciaal ontwikkeld voor de voedingsmiddelenindustrie en extra schone of natte ruimtes. Dankzij de scharnierbare zijkappen en draaibare afdekkappen is deze deur z...

AFIM Iglo airdoor

09 September 2014

The AFIM Iglo airdoor has lots of benefits: Optimum separation of temperatures in two climate zones Lower energy cost. Clear transport passage between two spaces. Optimum seal right up to the floor. Warmth ...

LEGO-ising construction

10 June 2014

The construction industry has not yet reached the same stage as other industries which, once the prototype has been made, can produce millions of identical products. In the building sector things are still done different...

Verhey Vlees Project

10 June 2014

Alec Barfüss works at Hörmann as account manager for South-East Netherlands. For one of his customers, Verhey Vlees BV in Nuth, Hörmann has replaced sectional doors (SPU40, and SPUF42 in RAL 9016 with one glazing element...

Duurzaamheid nieuw bedrijfspand

13 May 2014

Brilliant Group, a specialised wholesaler and service provider in safety and hygiene for the food industry, has started construction work (2014) on a new facility in Duiven (NL). The company supplies products, consultanc...

Calculations and budgets always made to measure

13 May 2014

‘Just like every person is unique, so is every project.’ That’s the starting point for each project handled by Bessels architekten & ingenieurs. Project manager Cordy Volkers: “That philosophy keeps the work interest...

Wilko Fruit opent buitendeuren

15 April 2014

Thanks to an AFIM® Air Door (high-pressure air curtain), Wilko Fruit BV / Gaudias can now keep its exterior doors (which are no less than 4 metres high) open in the warm summer months too, without affecting the refrigera...

To measure is to know

15 April 2014

Accurate measurements are important, in both the design and the construction process. A lack of reliable data on the existing building can result in errors in extension or renovation plans. 3D laser scanning offers a way...