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Antibacterial and antiviral through and through

No coating, but antibacterial and antiviral through and through: this is what Jackit has been successfully installing with Sealwise recycled panels in renovations for the food processing industry for over two years. The ..

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A safe and durable building starts with concrete

14 June 2021

In recent years, Willy Naessens Nederland has built several cold stores in the food industry, including the new premises for Wilko Fruit in Breda, phases 2 and 3 of the logistics DCs for the Greenery in Barendrecht and t...

Doors influence the functioning of the building

14 June 2021

Poultry slaughterhouse Remkes had a new building constructed to expand the production of cooked chicken meat products. A sustainable building with modern machinery and industrial doors that guarantee the functioning of t...

Unique custom concrete concept

10 May 2021

A food-safe environment and maintenance-friendly business premises starts with concrete! Willy Naessens Nederland is a specialist in building business premises in prefab concrete. They do this with a unique, proprietary ...

Durable and hygienic

10 May 2021

Jackit is a well-known renovation company in the food industry. Together with Sealwise Nederland they offer sustainable hygienic solutions. They replace kit seams and use Sealwise WCB panels to replace damaged walls and ...

Doors are part of development

10 May 2021

In 2017, Hems moved to a new building in Oss. With high expectations, they continued their meat activities at the new location. However, after six months problems arose with the humidity. Adjustment of passageways was ne...

Sustainable and ambitious project nears completion

12 April 2021

Westfort Vleesproducten (Westfort Meat Products) is a very modern slaughterhouse, where considerable investments have been made in animal welfare, improved meat quality and sustainable energy solutions. In IJsselstein, t...

Doors make the difference

12 April 2021

Warm air supply and ice formation in the cold store gave Seacon Production headaches. It endangered the quality of the deep-frozen fish products. A new air door in combination with a high-speed door provided the desired ...

Tomassen Vlees: 'Improvement is a continuous process'

12 April 2021

Mike Tomassen is in charge of Tomassen Vlees in Someren, together with his brother Dennis. They slaughter purely for third parties, of which 70% is Beter Leven, a portion organic and the rest regular. "Mass production is...

Hessing builds production site in Greenport Venlo

01 April 2021

Hessing has started building a new vegetable production site in Horst aan de Maas, Greenport Venlo. Today the first concrete was poured, in the presence of Joost van den Akker, deputy of the Province of Limburg, Ryan Pal...

Providing perfect work, that's what counts

08 March 2021

People in the food processing industry probably know him: Jack Pluim. For years he was known as 'Jack the Kitter'. Replacing sealants in renovation projects with clean new ones: that was - and still is - one of his speci...

The role of doors in food safety

23 February 2021

An important part of ensuring food safety is monitoring the temperature of the products throughout the process. This is achieved by sealing the conditioned areas airtight with properly insulating door. Food safety acc...

Sealwise chooses Jackit as a partner

09 February 2021

Hardly anywhere is the need for optimum hygiene as great as in the food industry. In order to best meet this need, Sealwise Netherlands has entered into an exclusive collaboration agreement with renovation specialist Jac...

Efficient and sustainable all under one roof

16 November 2020

Westfort Vleesproducten in IJsselstein realises one of the most modern meat processing locations worldwide: efficient, innovative, animal-friendly and sustainable. A modern processing and packing facility with an integra...

Food group Ter Beke renovates factory

16 November 2020

Ter Beke's meat cutting and packaging plant had to be future-proof and hygienic. Many small production areas were converted into a few large rooms, in which no joints could be found. To realise this, the company turned t...

Hessing Supervers builds 'factory of the future'

11 November 2020

Hessing Supervers is going to build a new 'factory of the future' in the area Greenport Venlo in North Limburg. By realising this new production location, Hessing is taking an important strategic step to guarantee the co...