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The corona-lockdowns are slowly being lifted. Carefully we step back into the big wide world. A world marked by new boundaries. How do they progress? We don't know. To me the spring with the world locked up was silent..

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13 June 2017

I recently had to drive to the very southernmost tip of the Netherlands to rectify a mistake. Yes, even I make mistakes sometimes – I’m only human after all! So I got into the car together with the author of the article ...

Save food? Safe food!

13 June 2017

‘Safe food’ and ‘save food’ are inextricably linked – at social, economic and political level. In late May two reports were published containing new figures about food waste in the Netherlands ( The...

The evolution of hygienic design

09 May 2017

For many years, suppliers to the food industry were primarily focused on the functionality and productivity of their designs. Whether they were supplying HVAC systems, machines or machine components, their biggest concer...

Stay alert

09 May 2017

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat – and suddenly you can no longer remember who was chasing your or which mountain you fell off? I do sometimes. The cause: stress...or so they say, but I...

The stress of moving

09 May 2017

At the precise moment that this new edition sees the light of day (both in print and online) I will have been living in our new home for exactly one week. I might be sitting on our new sofa, or preparing a meal in our br...

Food – more than just a number?

11 April 2017

Achieving production targets, keeping machines running, ensuring there are sufficient (and safe) raw materials in stock, training and motivating employees…and oh, by the way, your most important customer just turned up u...


11 April 2017

We of all people know that lots of things can go wrong in the food industry. Now our sector is once again in the news, this time because of a slaughterhouse in Tielt, and all slaughterhouses are being tarred with the sam...


11 April 2017

As I write this, spring has definitely arrived outside. The sun is shining, the air is warm and everybody immediately seems more cheerful. So that should put me in the right frame of mind to write a positive piece – abou...

Five labelling rules

06 March 2017

As a freelancer in food, I see a growing number of small-scale manufacturers who are impassioned about making unique products. I have a soft spot for passion-filled products from small manufacturers. Their quality is oft...


06 March 2017

We work in a fantastic sector which has overlaps with many different aspects of doing business. This month our focus is on packaging, and next month our theme will be food processing.  In the manufacturing proces...


06 March 2017

Package (verb): ‘put into a box or wrapping for sale or transport’, according to the definition in the Oxford English dictionary. If only things were that simple. Packaging is about shapes, the choice of materials and lo...

A sustainable relationship

07 February 2017

In the Netherlands, ‘doing business sustainably’ is usually synonymous with ‘corporate social responsibility (CSR)’ which has nowadays become the essential standard for businesses in 2017. MVO Nederland, the Dutch CSR...


07 February 2017

Snow turns the world white. As I look out of the window, I can see a blanket of fresh snow covering the flat roof outside. It’s still beautifully untouched, and I can make my mark on it however I like. I could make a ...

Report mountain

07 February 2017

The Dutch parliament wants to achieve a safer, healthier and more sustainable food system. This objective is formulated in the Voedselagenda (‘Food Agenda’) which was submitted to parliament in November 2016. “If the Net...

Putting real food back into convenience

14 November 2016

Why do things the hard way? Over recent decades, there has been a huge increase in the convenience offering: ready meals, soups and sauces plus much more. They are easy to prepare. Just add a little water to a powdered m...