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Complicated packaging

Packaging's great. You can set up (allergen) information, ensure food safety, seduce consumers with attractive shapes and colours, and keep cookies, soup and tomatoes together during necessary transport.  But onc..

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Clean sweep

14 November 2016

Hygiene is subject to ever-tighter requirements. The government is becoming stricter and consumers are increasingly critical. Everything must be done right, not only in terms of quality, but also relating to working cond...

Long live transience

11 October 2016

For a food manufacturer, it’s important that consumers are not disappointed when they make a repeat purchase of a product. So no surprises, because they could fall flat. And when consumers are disappointed, they don’t bu...

Men and technology

11 October 2016

What will be the role of humans in the job market in a technology-driven future? The new generation is growing up in a digital world and finds ‘connecting people, machines and systems’ completely normal. And yet the ever...

Digital momentum

11 October 2016

Companies and governments should not shy away from digitisation and robotisation; instead, they should embrace it. That was the message in the report called ‘NL Next Level – Investeren in een Digitale Kwantumsprong’ (Dut...

Wonky is the new straight

05 October 2016

Products made from misshapen or ‘wonky’ vegetables that would otherwise have been thrown away are ‘hot’. Now that pioneers such as the Dutch organisation ‘Kromkommer’ have laid the groundwork, the big boys in the food ch...

False sense of safety

13 September 2016

When we hear the words ‘food safety’, we think of harmful bacteria that can make us (critically) ill – and no one enjoys spending days on end worshipping the ‘porcelain god’. But, apart from bacteria, our food can contai...

A common thread

13 September 2016

Food safety is a common thread running through the entire food industry. Whether you’re a food manufacturer, equipment supplier, involved in cleaning and disinfection or an insurance company who is asked to cover recalls...

Food Safety 2016

13 September 2016

Danger lurks in unexpected places: a loose paving stone in the street, a faulty plug on a kettle, a restaurant employee who doesn’t wash his hands and hence transfers millions of bacteria onto the slice of lemon in your ...


14 June 2016

We hold our Golf Day in April each year – a sport-based networking event where new relationships are forged and existing ones are strengthened. And every year I hear the participants say that they’d like to head out onto...

Food is hot, but stay cool!

14 June 2016

I like the topic of refrigeration and freezing. At home, our freezer is my best friend in tackling food waste. For example, I store bread in it and take out just as many slices as I need so that nothing ends up in the bi...

Keep it cool

14 June 2016

The refrigerated section for in supermarkets has been expanding for years. The ever-growing range of chilled food products is gradually edging out the ambient products. At first glance the wide choice of fresh food in...

Consumers and citizens

10 May 2016

To strengthen confidence in the sector, the food processing industry must engage in more effective discussion with consumers and citizens. That’s the most important conclusion in the report entitled Spreek Smakelijk (lit...

An open conversation

10 May 2016

Orange bunting blows in the cold wind, the sun breaks through the clouds only to be followed by a hailstorm and pouring rain: it’s King’s Day 2016 in the Netherlands. In an attempt to keep warm, my children bake bread ro...

Don’t choose the easy option

12 April 2016

In my opinion (even though I realise that it’s not very polite of me to say this about fellow product developers), developers of food products all too often choose the easy option. That’s such a shame, because there are ...

Big Data

12 April 2016

Looking to the future Big data: everyone is talking about it and knows that it is important, but what’s the best approach? How should you handle it? Another hot topic is collaboration. It’s essential in so many areas....