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Discovery tours

'Nothing new under the sun', was what I thought in June, at the start of my summer vacation. The corona crisis quietly muddled on. No big trip to unknown places. No unexpected encounters or new mountain hiking routes, no..

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Achieve your goals

06 February 2018

December is a month of celebration, while January is, for many people, a time for reflection, review, and reassessment. That is a wonderful thing and gives us personal insight. However, it is best not to get stuck in tha...

Saving time: the new gold

06 February 2018

Being able to deliver right away is the new gold. Order today and get it today—if you can do that, you are sitting on a goldmine! But what if you can't? Then you're out of the running as an entrepreneur.  The wor...

A good night's sleep

06 February 2018

"What's keeping you up at night?" Those who worry, know how to fix it: solve the problem, then you will be back to resting easy. I asked the question to a QA manager at a food-production company. He did not have to think...

Kicking off 25th anniversary at the OSV winter barbecue

06 February 2018

It's hard to imagine that this network has already been around for 25 years. I can still see me sitting with Klaas Dijkstra in the garage, getting the first mailing ready. We did it by post with a response card, which yo...

Science fiction becomes reality

06 February 2018

The Dutch Food Industry Journal is turning 25. We started the journal with the title "Vleeswetenschap" (Meat Science), later changed it to "Vakblad Vleesindustrie" (Dutch Meat Industry Journal), and we have been the Dutc...

25 years Dutch Food Industry

09 January 2018

This year, we are celebrating 25 years of Dutch Food Industry magazine. I still fondly remember when it all began: January 1993, in the garage behind Klaas Dijkstra's house. We called it VLEESwetenschap (Meat Science)....

Een (zakelijk) gezond 2018

11 December 2017

Het einde van 2017 nadert. Voor ons was het een dynamisch jaar, met veel nieuwe projecten, leuke uitdagingen, mooie bladen en… een nieuwe locatie. Op 20 november zijn  b2b Communications en Wallbrink Crossmedia één ...

Wanted: a robot with brains

14 November 2017

Robots and computers can do almost anything, as long as it is standardised and brainless. They are the best employees you can wish for: 24/7, never ill and they do exactly what you tell them – nothing less, but nothing m...

Een mooi jaar!

14 November 2017

Voor de OSV zit het jaar erop. De laatste bijeenkomst was SmaakStampei, een waardige afsluiter van het jaar. De komende maanden organiseren we bewust niets. De foodproducenten zijn druk bezig met het produceren en beleve...

Keep smiling

14 November 2017

Digitisation, blockchain, robotisation, the IoT, Smart Industry...once you start exploring the world of ‘Industry 4.0’ you’re confronted with an impressive list of terms that – as far as I know – didn’t even exist around...

Fall into place

10 October 2017

As we all know, things can sometimes just fall into place – and I regularly experience that first-hand. Needless to say, you always have to take the first step yourself. I firmly believe that good deeds are good for your...

How difficult can it really be?

10 October 2017

Cleaning, oh how I detest it…but no, I don’t have a cleaning lady. I’m too particular – or too thrifty – for that. So I do it myself instead: cleaning, sanitising, washing, rinsing, scrubbing, sterilising, disinfecting, ...

‘Hand washing? It’s complete nonsense!'

10 October 2017

Hygiene is important, as the managers of any food processing company know. That’s why there are hygiene sluices, jewellery such as rings and watches are forbidden, and employees wear special overalls and hair nets… Bu...

Food production starts and ends with cleaning

10 October 2017

In the food industry, the aim of cleaning is to transform a dirty factory into a clean production environment. Manufacturing activities cannot get underway until all the lights are green. There are no sub-levels of clean...

Honesty and innovation

11 September 2017

Innovations aren’t just the technical knock-outs, dreamed up by the brightest brains on the planet. Innovation can also happen on your factory floor, sparked by your own people’s ideas – but creating the right conditions...