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Discovery tours

'Nothing new under the sun', was what I thought in June, at the start of my summer vacation. The corona crisis quietly muddled on. No big trip to unknown places. No unexpected encounters or new mountain hiking routes, no..

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Robotisation: Necessity, Wish, and Dream

13 November 2018

Bij planvorming en het opstellen van een programma van eisen bekruipt me vaak het gevoel met een stel kinderen door een supermarkt te lopen. Iedereen gooit van alles in de kar omdat het mooi, lekker en leuk is. Bij de ka...

A large circle is also circular

08 November 2018

Our Minister of Agriculture, Carola Schouten, has established her vision on agriculture under the heading 'Valuable & Connected'. The vision offers prospects for the animal chain and certainly for our meat industry a...


09 October 2018

I like a clean and tidy home. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. I have, as you might know by now, three teenagers living in my house. Just as so many other kids aged 12, 14 and 16, they have mastered the art ...

Solve the problem!

09 October 2018

Student 1: "Hey man, didn't they teach you to wash your hands after you peed?" Student 2: "No. They taught me not to pee all over my hands. Ha-ha!" Just a conversation between two posh students which I recently overheard...

Yuck, disgusting!

09 October 2018

A customer calls about a problem: 'It's possible that a small amount of hydrochloric acid entered our production process during cleaning activities. We cannot be sure. What do we have to do?'. Certified Institutions (...

Give it a good scrub

09 October 2018

Basically, I'm not a camping person. But even so, I plunged into the 'back to basics' camping life this summer. I loved it, the outdoor living with only the bare necessities was refreshing. And yet... there was one as...

Super simple

09 October 2018

Cleaning and disinfection is a recurring theme in our magazine. That's no surprise, as it is one of the most important subjects in the food industry. You can easily say it's of vital importance. You cannot guarantee f...

It’s vibrant, it’s buzzing

11 September 2018

“Digital techniques will drastically change food production” Programme manager Food Innovations Joost Blankestijn says in the interview of this issue. Which impact do the developments have on companies, production, socie...

New look

11 September 2018

So much developments on the market. It’s hard to keep up. You want to switch faster, more often and more completely and you have to take steps to be several beats ahead. Reason for us to once again assess our activities ...

Climate change

11 September 2018

Years ago, I heard a conversation on the radio that has always stuck with me. ‘You need an incentive to innovate’ it was said. At this moment, climate change gives a strong incentive for innovation. The demand for more s...

Vlees beweegt de mens

11 September 2018

Vlees beweegt ons. Het is een onderwerp waar mens en maatschappij altijd wel een mening over hebben. Vlees is emotie: het is lekker, je wil het graag eten, maar liefst zonder bijsmaak of een zeker schuldgevoel. Thema’s r...

Young blood

11 September 2018

What did Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, think when he received two young applicants with a brilliant idea for a free app? ‘Won’t work out anyway’? Five years later, he hired them. And paid 19 billion for WhatsApp....

Getting it right the first time

12 June 2018

About five years ago, we moved into our newly constructed home. After one and a half years of building, our house was finally done. What a job! We thought about things we had never thought about before and knew very litt...

Why would you not build?

12 June 2018

Even if you put a billion on the table, it won’t buy you back the time you’ve lost. With many building processes, we find out too late that a project cannot continue after all. The info was available, but nobody did some...

Trust or Inspection? Fraud or Trust?

12 June 2018

Is it bad if the garlic powder you buy in the store is not entirely pure? If analysis shows that it also contains potato starch and ground garlic husk? Is that fraud?  That partly depends on the agreements you ma...