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Glass sphere

The corona-lockdowns are slowly being lifted. Carefully we step back into the big wide world. A world marked by new boundaries. How do they progress? We don't know. To me the spring with the world locked up was silent..

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Altijd een aanknopingspunt

13 May 2014

We can look back on the golf day as yet another success; as if someone was smiling down on us, we had fantastic weather, enjoyed the wonderful golf facilities and even got a little tanned. 34 people headed out onto the c...

Future prospect with generation z

13 May 2014

Today, we’re living in a globally connected world: it’s the world of  ‘Generation Z’, those born those born from the late 90s onwards. What  typifies this generation is that they are constantly online, no matte...

Making an impression

15 April 2014

On 1 April 2014 (and this is not a joke!) I joined 23 OSV members on a visit to Peutz BV. The company’s laboratories for acoustics, wind technology and building physics made a great impression on all those present. It wa...

Misleiden - verleiden

15 April 2014

On 26 March, the Dutch Safety Board published a report on the risks in the meat chain (Risico’s in de Vleesketen) which identified important bottlenecks in the meat chain and how it is monitored by the Netherlands Food a...

Stay up to date!

03 January 2014

The food sector is certainly dynamic. You can’t stand still, even if you want to: regulatory and legislative changes force you to stay up to date. State Secretary Dijksma from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Edit...

Up on the roof

03 January 2014

Every ski season, between 100 and 200 gipsvluchten (which literally means ‘plaster-cast flights’) land in The Netherlands from Innsbruck bringing injured winter holidaymakers back home. For those passengers, an accident ...

Busy schedule

03 January 2014

The busy schedule once again underlines just how active the OSV and Young Food Management (YFM) networks are. This year, our plans include visits to Peutz’s new laboratory for fire safety in Mook, the La Trappe brewer...

International with Voedingsindustrie

02 January 2014

With the launch of this international version of Vakblad  Voedingsindustrie, I hope we will attract lots of new readers from  abroad. In spite of our strong reputation in The Netherlands, new  readers may ...

A new beginning

02 January 2014

A new year, a new beginning. And for our online readers: this new,  English-language version of the entire magazine Voedingsindustrie.        After all, the major issues for 2014 are not limi...