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A half-cooked hamburger with fried onions on a soft bread roll... A cardboard plate with three slightly charred satays, barely visible under a splatter of peanut sauce... The vague uneasiness whether it is safe, washed a..

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Aren't we getting a bit carried away?

10 May 2021

Our human hunger for knowledge never ends. Science does not stand still. Research into the harmful effects of plant toxins, fungi and micro-organisms has led to thick volumes of legislation in recent decades. There are c...

Blood from a stone

10 May 2021

As I write this column, the terraces are cautiously opening. A glimmer of light, a slow start to economic recovery. Because it is clear that recovery will not happen any time soon. Even with the current relaxation, many ...

Poster potato, fruit and vegetables

04 May 2021

For years we have been distributing the poster VLEES (MEAT) and the poster VIS (FISH) through the trade journal Voedingsindustrie. Last year we were regularly asked if we could make an extra poster, as several companies ...

Forgotten treats

12 April 2021

Mum, do we have any treats left? Every day, this question echoes from the kitchen or living room to my home office. Treats' is a broad term for my three kids. Anything goes, as long as it is sweet or salty, creamy or cru...

Threats as a source for decision parameters

12 April 2021

We are surrounded by potential dangers. Storm damage, flooding, a car accident, food poisoning, corona. If you think about it for too long, you would not dare to leave your house. Fortunately, there are risk analyses. It...

Proud of our network

12 April 2021

I cannot emphasise it often enough: the OSV is such a fine network of fine people, or rather fine friends. Friends as meant in the proverb: 'a friend in need is a friend indeed!' You could say that we have been in (coron...

Are we on the same (packing) line?

08 March 2021

As of late, I need reading glasses. Yes, laugh about it: the time has come. I bought a few at once, because I hate looking for them. So now there is one in my handbag, one by my computer, one on my nightstand, and one in...


08 March 2021

During a Green Belt course, I was immersed in the statistics of tolerances on the production process and their impact on the final product. Conclusion: a better adjustment of your equipment ensures that less faulty produ...

Is vaccination the solution?

08 March 2021

Everyone is eager to visit each other again and to organize and participate in events together. Or just eating out, going to a store if you need something or want to browse around. The government says: 'It can be done as...

End of cold calls in sight

19 February 2021

Without explicit permission, you will soon be prohibited from calling natural persons and therefore also from calling sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations. On February 9, 2021, the Senate approved "this bill t...


08 February 2021

I'm eating a herring. It's healthy, I'm told. Most of all, I find it delicious. I only have to close my eyes and the taste takes me back to that warm summer day at the beach. That fish tasted so good that you could daydr...


08 February 2021

The Dutch and 'sticking to the rules': it doesn't seem to be a good match. We are 'corona tired', but is that also the reason why half of the Dutch people with complaints do not get tested? And that a quarter of the peop...

Great network

08 February 2021

We see that many entrepreneurs in the Netherlands are creative, continue to be creative and are becoming increasingly creative. That's what characterizes the Netherlands. They don't throw in the towel, they don't scrimp ...

An upside down year

22 December 2020

The year 2020 is almost over. An upside down year as my son says, who by the way also hung his Christmas tree on the ceiling to reinforce this. And we agree that it has been an upside down year. So many things that co...

The cleaning dilemma

16 November 2020

My daughter has new white trousers. A super trendy flare, for the winter; that's possible. There is a small stain on the thigh after the first time she wears them. She doesn't know what it is. Pen? Marker? Maybe mascara?...