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Pioneering innovation: antiviral (wall) panels

Forget mdf, plywood or chipboard! Discover Sealwise WCB; circular and fully waterproof panels made of recycled PVC. Sealwise WCB, because that's the name of the material, has a number of special properties, of which t..

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Reinigen met Clean-Machine

14 October 2014

Clean-Machine reinigt voor de voedselverwerkende industrie kratten, bakken, emmers en pallets onder zeer hoge druk en tot 80°C. Na reiniging droogt, desinfecteert en stapelt het bedrijf de kratten. De Clean-Machine reini...

Hygiene and cleaning in your silo

14 October 2014

Do you dare to open your silo just as enthusiastically? Of course, that’s a matter of conscience – but one that should not be underestimated. Because no matter how attractive and flavoursome your products are when they f...

When will you start saving?

09 September 2014

Do you want to reduce container- and IBC cleaning costs while maintaining the highest possible hygiene standards within your company? The innovative cleaning-unit from D&W Process Technology offers you the perfect po...

New CIP Cleaner

09 September 2014

S-Clean CIP LF is a high alkaline cleaning agent with superior low foaming characteristics. It’s a very effective formula against many residues, free of NTA. For lime binding Qlean-tec uses advanced, safe components, whi...

Vendrig walk'n closet

09 September 2014

Every day, food manufacturing companies use large quantities of workwear in all shapes and sizes. However, they often lack insight into the logistics flows of their workwear and how to manage it. Vendrig, a company speci...

Maatwerk met foodguard

10 June 2014

Ecolab en Hygiënepartner Brilliant Group bieden het reinigingsconcept Foodguard, een maatwerkoplossing speciaal ontwikkeld voor bedrijven in de voedingsindustrie. Foodguard omvat een totaaloplossing voor uw reiniging en ...