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Pioneering innovation: antiviral (wall) panels

Forget mdf, plywood or chipboard! Discover Sealwise WCB; circular and fully waterproof panels made of recycled PVC. Sealwise WCB, because that's the name of the material, has a number of special properties, of which t..

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Design blunders and pitfalls

24 November 2015

Food hygiene problems? No matter how hard the architect tries, the design is irrelevant if, in practice, the users do not adapt a hygienic mindset. Here are nine rules of thumb for optimal hygiene in a food production fa...

Smilde Foods & Hago Food & Industry

24 November 2015

For many years, quality, flexibility and safety have been Hago Food & Industry’s recipe for success in providing effective cleaning services to Smilde Foods, and the contract was extended recently. Previous perfor...

Better hygiene management with chlorine dioxide

24 November 2015

Bacteria count in the water: less than a hundred. Mould count: zero. The water: Legionella-free. Those are the results achieved by a producer of ready-to-eat-products by using chlorine dioxide, supported by cleaning spec...

Disinfection using oxygen radicals

24 November 2015

“Can you disinfect a room at the touch of a button? Yes you can!” say Hugo ter Hoeve and Robert Kostrubiec from the Dutch company called Simpel Desinfecteren. They are launching the Nocospray method for the food industry...

Beyond cleaning and hygiene

24 November 2015

Hygiene codes, HACCP, disinfection…when it comes to cleaning and hygiene, there’s nothing new to report. Or is there? We spoke to six experts about management systems for measuring and analysis, about enzymatic cleaning ...

New high-tech crate-washing line

13 October 2015

When Jean-Paul Zijerveld (photo right)started his packaging materials handling company Fustpunt, LETS BV supplied the crate-washing line. They worked together on the further development of the machine until the optimal e...

Chemical-free water treatment

08 September 2015

In early 2012 Pathema B.V. installed an IVG-C CoolWater skid at Vitelco, enabling the evaporative condenser to run without the use of any chemicals at all. It was ‘Phase I’ of a much bigger project which in the meantime ...

Asbestos removal from industrial installations

08 September 2015

Since August 2015, the Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) has been conducting asbestos inspections at companies with industrial installations. The initial focus is on the food and drinks industry in...

Enzymatic cleaners and biofilm detection

30 June 2015

Qlean-tec, in conjunction with Realco, offers a detection method for demonstrating biofilm contamination and for removing it using an enzymatic technique. In the food processing industry, the development of biofilm carri...


10 March 2015

De Saniclip is de nieuwe innovatieve ontwikkeling van Habasit voor het snel demonteren en reinigen van kunststof modulaire banden, zonder gebruik te maken van gereedschap. Regelmatig reinigen in hygiënisch-kritische proc...

Key pillars of hygiene and process optimisation

10 February 2015

Conveyor belts, plastic modular belts, positive drive belts and conveyor chains: Habasit’s broad product spectrum offers literally endless options to meat-processing companies. “Because we are a full-range supplier, we a...

Respect takes cleaning to the next level

14 October 2014

“In the meat processing industry, cleaning is vital,” states Theo Dolleman, Production Manager at meat processing company Westfort in Oudewater. “Our board of directors expects the standard of cleaning to approach perfec...

The benefits of Kleentec Hygiene

14 October 2014

A hygienic manufacturing environment can help to improve the efficiency and performance of production processes. “However, the responsibility to ensure a hygienic environment should never become a burden on the food manu...

Alleviating hygiene concerns

14 October 2014

Menken, a manufacturer of spreadable salads and meat products, has chosen to completely eliminate any concerns about hygiene by working with Eco2Clean. Eco2Clean shoulders final responsibility for hygiene and supplies th...

Hygiene and cleaning to a higher standard

14 October 2014

A food manufacturer’s production process is always carefully designed down to the smallest detail, yet that efficiency is sometimes still lacking in the cleaning process. Cleaning should run as smoothly as a pit stop. Qu...