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Consequences of corona contamination in slaughterhouses

Daily news about corona infections in the food industry, not only in meat processors, but also in the fruit sector has been affected. Stay informed via our timeline.  18 Juni 2020 Largest slaughterhouse of Tönnies ..

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Reducing risks, saving costs

14 November 2016

Dutch cheese processor Kaasveredeling Kruijt based in Zegveld has witnessed explosive growth in its production activities, and the facility that was built just three years ago is almost too small already. When production...

Hago and Comé value open communication

14 November 2016

Entrepreneur Marc Spreuwenberg first started supplying sliced mushrooms to the food processing industry in 2007. He has since become the European market leader. He outsources the cleaning activities to Hago Food & In...

‘R-CIP is the future’

14 November 2016

In the food industry, hygiene is inextricably linked to food safety. Food safety is a hot topic, which means that cleaning and disinfection is too. Here, experts highlight the most important trends: the broadening and de...

‘Sustainable Disinfection in Food’ Mark of Quality

11 October 2016

The Dutch company Simpel Desinfecteren launched a quality mark in October 2016 that enables food manufacturers to demonstrate that they use the Nocospray concept to disinfect sustainably. This helps them to prove that th...

Better hygiene using less water

11 October 2016

It seems almost too good to be true: an optimal and hygienic cleaning method using less water. But, thanks to Undine® by Innovative Water Concepts (IWC), it really is possible. The technique is based on a simple princ...

Benefits from innovation in cleaning

13 September 2016

A growing number of businesses want to contribute to a sustainable environment. However, quality must be safeguarded. Take the fully automatic cleaning of a conveyor belt or finished product for instance. The Undine® ...

the Nocospray concept

13 September 2016

Nocospray is a disinfection concept in which an aqueous solution (Nocolyse-Food) disinfects a room – including all the equipment and other items in it – via a dry vapour. The concept received approval for use in the food...

Listeria contamination: Inevitable or manageable?

13 September 2016

In the food industry there is always a chance of Listeria contamination, claims Gert Visscher from Eco2Clean. “But a consistently disciplined daily production routine, good cleaning and disinfection, post-cleaning visual...

Facilicom Services Group acquires Kleentec

14 June 2016

All-round provider of facility services Facilicom Services Group has acquired Kleentec with effect from 12 May 2016. Kleentec is the Netherlands’ market leader in cleaning, disinfection and production optimisation for th...

Toelating CTGB voor Nocolyse Food

12 April 2016

In maart heeft Simpel Desinfecteren ‘Nocolyse Food’ op de Nederlandse markt gebracht. Eind december 2015 gaf het College voor de toelating van gewasbeschermingsmiddelen en biociden (Ctgb) de Nocolyse Food-vloeistof de of...

PureFinish for optimal hygiene

08 March 2016

PureFinish is a post-processing technique developed by Rösler. This technique allows Stainless Steel to be finished to a smoother surface with a low and reproducible SRI value below 0.010. In practice, this produces a su...

New: the Habasit Service-App

24 November 2015

The production process may not be interrupted, but regular maintenance is also necessary. You don’t want to replace your conveyors too soon, but you definitely don’t want to be too late either. Thanks to the Habasit Serv...

Design blunders and pitfalls

24 November 2015

Food hygiene problems? No matter how hard the architect tries, the design is irrelevant if, in practice, the users do not adapt a hygienic mindset. Here are nine rules of thumb for optimal hygiene in a food production fa...

Smilde Foods & Hago Food & Industry

24 November 2015

For many years, quality, flexibility and safety have been Hago Food & Industry’s recipe for success in providing effective cleaning services to Smilde Foods, and the contract was extended recently. Previous perfor...

Better hygiene management with chlorine dioxide

24 November 2015

Bacteria count in the water: less than a hundred. Mould count: zero. The water: Legionella-free. Those are the results achieved by a producer of ready-to-eat-products by using chlorine dioxide, supported by cleaning spec...