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Consequences of corona contamination in slaughterhouses

Daily news about corona infections in the food industry, not only in meat processors, but also in the fruit sector has been affected. Stay informed via our timeline.  18 Juni 2020 Largest slaughterhouse of Tönnies ..

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Yuck, disgusting!

09 October 2018

A customer calls about a problem: 'It's possible that a small amount of hydrochloric acid entered our production process during cleaning activities. We cannot be sure. What do we have to do?'. Certified Institutions (...

Personalised learning environment food industry

09 October 2018

Qlean-tec | Christeyns launches an e-learning platform in the Netherlands which was specially developed for food processing companies. A platform that offers more than just learning. Which unburdens your organisation wit...

Give it a good scrub

09 October 2018

Basically, I'm not a camping person. But even so, I plunged into the 'back to basics' camping life this summer. I loved it, the outdoor living with only the bare necessities was refreshing. And yet... there was one as...

Super simple

09 October 2018

Cleaning and disinfection is a recurring theme in our magazine. That's no surprise, as it is one of the most important subjects in the food industry. You can easily say it's of vital importance. You cannot guarantee f...

HAK factory rebuild for new legume line

26 September 2018

The factory has been located in Giessen since it was founded, the apple sauce is still in great demand and the quality is consistently high. But a lot has changed at HAK. Recently, a new pouch line was introduced, for wh...

Smart cleaning: Balancing risks and costs

08 May 2018

Businesses can save a lot on cleaning costs. “There are often significant possible optimisation actions that can be taken without increasing risks,” says Gert Visscher, director and owner of Eco2Clean. What must business...

Soliflex pro & Soliflex pro mini

08 May 2018

Door de vraag naar constante verbeteringen o.h.g.v. voedselveiligheid en productiviteit, heeft Ammeraal Beltech met haar 65 jaar ervaring, de meest hygiënische transportband ontwikkeld. Soliflex PRO is gemaakt van vol ku...

Disinfecting steam kills bacteria

08 May 2018

A disinfecting dry steam that can disinfect a production space of around 500 cubic metres in one hour. The space is ready for use immediately afterwards. Does that sound too good to be true? Since receiving authorisation...

Nutrilab: Listeria eliminated after two treatments

09 April 2018

The infection density of a food production space increases due to moisture and proteins, ingredients that sustain bacteria well and which find their way into nearly every production space on a daily basis. This is not on...

Innovation at Simpel Desinfecteren

06 February 2018

Disinfection from a distance is possible (see also Dutch Food Industry Journal - June 2017). The Nocofix, which can hold a 20-litre can, is mounted to the wall. Using a timer, you set the time that you want the disinfect...

Cleaning first, production later

02 January 2018

Both from a food safety perspective and in view of the current  financial crisis, food processing companies are paying increasing  attention to the cleaning process. How can they save costs without  jeopar...

M12 kabels die voldoen aan alle reinigingseisen

11 December 2017

Binnen gebieden waar elk onderdeel van een installatie in contact met het te bereiden voedsel kan komen of waar het voedsel weer terug in het verwerkingsproces komt, moeten componenten aan alle eisen van reinigbaarheid v...

Christeyns neemt Qlean-tec over

14 November 2017

De Belgische chemiegroep Christeyns, die als specialist in onder andere kwalitatief hoogwaardige wasmiddelen voor professionele textielverzorging en reinigings- en desinfectiemiddelen voor de voedingsmiddelenindustrie ee...

Sustainability with state-of-the-art hygiene technology

10 October 2017

Alpro first started producing soya-based drinks as a sustainable alternative to dairy products in 1979. As a pioneer in this industry, the company finds it important to be able to operate at the highest level. “The quali...

Cleaning: a decisive factor in product quality

10 October 2017

When it comes to cleaning and disinfection, what are the biggest challenges for the food industry? Where do things go wrong? Sometimes, an ‘outsider’ can see things more clearly than factory managers themselves. How can ...