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New packaging solutions for plant-based

The development, production, packaging and marketing of plant-based food is an inspiring and dynamic process. The North American company Reiser supports companies that sell their vegetable meat substitutes worldwide, say..

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Jaap "De Vegetarische Slager " Korteweg's first factory

06 February 2018

After becoming a vegetarian ten years ago, Jaap Korteweg missed meat so much that he was motivated to create the best possible meat substitutes. To accomplish this, he brought in scientists and a chef. At the end of 2017...

Masterful products for supermarkets

14 November 2017

“My love of the butcher’s trade,” says master butcher Jack Keulen, “forms the basis of everything I do.” That love provides a strong foundation for the numerous activities he is involved in. Jack Keulen owns a busy ar...

FuiteVeal: automation is not hard

14 November 2017

The Fuite family, which has owned and run a feed mix factory and a milk factory in Genemuiden and Kampen for the past 110 years, has also opened its own slaughterhouse under the FuiteVeal name in Almere. The FOBIS automa...

Effective innovation by Havantec and T. Boer & zn

10 October 2017

T. Boer & zn, a supplier of veal, is constantly looking to the future and identified the need for a new hygiene sluice. This important access system must comply with strict and specific requirements. The Oirschot-bas...

“Service contract gives us peace of mind”

11 September 2017

“It’s no good waiting until a machine breaks down, because that always comes at a bad time,” says Mark Janssen, Director of the Wijchen-based meat company called Het Vleespannetje. “Thanks to Multivac, I haven’t had a da...

Giving machinery a new lease of life

11 September 2017

In the huge 5,000-square-metre facility, stainless steel stretches for as far as the eye can see. “This is just a fraction of what we handle,” says Ad van Kollenburg, Managing Director and owner of Industrial Auctions. T...

Zandvliet Vleeswaren focuses on quality

11 September 2017

Quality and product innovation are two key pillars for Zandvliet Vleeswaren, a meat producer from the Dutch city of Delft. The family-owned business has a firm focus on the future – not only by responding to the latest d...

An optimally food-safe and sustainable meat company

13 June 2017

Meat company Hems is moving! In mid-November the meat processing company will be exchanging its nostalgic farm building in the Dutch village of Netersel for newly built premises in the town of Oss. Building company Aan d...

Time frame of just 13 months for Ameco’s new project

09 May 2017

In September 2016 Ameco reached an agreement with a project developer and the local council to leave the Food Center Amsterdam site within the space of a year. At that point it was not yet known where Ameco would build i...

Veal Fine Group: Passion for veal

13 September 2016

All around the world, food safety is becoming an ever-bigger issue. Consumers want hard guarantees that everything they eat is safe and healthy. Animal health and welfare are high on the agenda too. How can those two top...

“A significant quality improvement"

10 May 2016

“Consumers nowadays have such a wide choice so we have to set ourselves apart in several different ways,” says Ferry Stevens, who is responsible for quality at Febo and was closely involved in the brand’s recent upgrade....

Developing innovative concepts

12 April 2016

At family-run company Ruitenberg Ingredients in Twello conceptual ideas, ingredients and processes are combined. These three pillars form the basis for the successful development of high-quality products. The company eve...

100 percent Dutch beef

12 April 2016

Hutten Traditional Beef opened its new premises last year. Rick Hutten, the project manager, explains the decisions the company made during that project. The building had to be sustainable, had to safeguard continuity an...

12 April 2016

Big Data, the Internet of Things, Smart Industry: the digital transformation offers countless opportunities for the food sector – but only if you can get the bits and bytes to ‘talk’ to you. Otherwise the ‘great unknown’...

Australian grain-fed beef with character

08 March 2016

Animal welfare, sustainability, food safety – all these topics are playing an increasingly important role in meat-buying decisions. And yet even these aspects are not enough for today’s demanding consumers, who also want...