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New packaging solutions for plant-based

The development, production, packaging and marketing of plant-based food is an inspiring and dynamic process. The North American company Reiser supports companies that sell their vegetable meat substitutes worldwide, say..

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Successful collaboration

13 November 2018

Meat company Boni Vers Ambacht in Nijkerk and Espera, manufacturer of weighing and price labelling machines in Eindhoven, have known each other for a long time, but their collaboration really kicked off when important ch...

Food safety and craftsmanship go hand in hand

13 November 2018

At Zalmhuis Steur, salmon is being conserved and smoked in the same way for already a century. This traditional and artisanal work method provides an excellent taste and quality. But how can the food safety be guaranteed...

Coca-Cola and Blücher, same high standards

09 October 2018

Blücher found a partner with the same corporate values in Coca-Cola European Partners Nederland: high quality, sustainability, and high hygiene standards.  Blücher assortment Eveline Bruins: "We manufacture st...

Back to the hygiene basics

09 October 2018

"The cause of insufficient hygiene is basically a management problem", says Gert Visscher, Director/Owner of Eco2Clean. "There is often not enough focus on this from the operational management." He advises the management...

Luiten Vleeswaren takes a new direction

09 October 2018

The recently published Vega monitor of the environmental organisation Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment) shows that more and more people in the Netherlands become flexitarians. Luiten Vleeswaren responds to t...

Zweistra Vlees & Vleeswaren wants operational security

09 October 2018

Zweistra Vlees & Vleeswaren produces meat products with traditional craftsmanship. It is common knowledge that the processing of fresh meat products is susceptible to contamination. At Zweistra Vlees & Vleeswaren...

It's all about communication

09 October 2018

A vital element for good cleaning and a comprehensive hygiene policy is communication and the manner in which this takes place. Digital means are used to facilitate this communication as optimally as possible. Does this ...

"Engineering and building have to be fun"

09 October 2018

When developing and realising a building for a food processing company, there is much you have to consider, which is something that Bas te Riele, food specialist with Aan de Stegge Twello knows very well. Like no other, ...

Innovation in the veal sector

11 September 2018

The VanDrie Group is extensively innovating in the veal sector: in regards to animal health and animal welfare, in improving food safety and production processes and in putting new concepts and brands on the markets. We ...

Greenhill guarantees high quality

11 September 2018

Schoonderwoerd Vlees from Bilthoven has added a new and unique brand to their assortment of meat. The family business imports mainly beef and lamb from New-Zealand and Australia. The brothers Nimrod and Nigel Schoonde...

Preventing bacteria on meat!

11 September 2018

Theo Legters, Manager Operations at T. Boer en Zn. is a veteran in the meat industry and has a clear view on hygiene. His motto: “Don’t combat symptoms, but combat the problem at the source”.   Theo Legters likes to g...

From cowhide to industrial egg

11 September 2018

The empty landscape won’t have you suspect that here, between the potato fields of North-East Groningen, there’s a modest factory where innovation, sustainability and efficiency meet in an ‘industrial protein’. ...

Sustainable expansion ProMessa

12 June 2018

Central butchery ProMessa in Deventer outgrew its home. They are adding a new production hall, where sustainability - as in the rest of the business operations - plays a prominent role.  The growth of the company...

Ergonomic packaging line at Ameco

05 March 2018

When abattoir Ameco decided to move from Amsterdam to a brand-new building in Apeldoorn, there was a lot that needed to be arranged. Its long-term partner Kortlever would play a prominent role in setting up the packaging...

High season for the smoked sausage specialist

05 March 2018

The brother-butchers Bert and Jannes Koetsier specialise in smoked sausages prepared with fresh ingredients and smoked on beechwood. In 2014, they developed a new passion: knackwurst. Bert Koetsier tracked its unique his...